ITapp: One-click Provisioning to Accelerate your Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Brajesh Goyal, Founder & CEO
Applications are the lifeblood of business. As enterprises keep pace with the constant consumer demand and thirst for newer-and-newer business requirements, development cycles have become increasingly shorter, in certain cases same-day. For enterprises to remain competitive, their IT must keep pace with this ‘explosion in applications.’ These ‘continuous-delivery’ pipelines must further allow choice in data center and cloud providers to support enterprise and next-generation cloud applications. “Enterprises that get ahead on their cloud adoption journey will be the future leaders of their industries. To materialize the delivery of fast and agile IT, DevOps remains the industry favorite,” informs Brajesh Goyal, Founder and CEO, ITapp.

However, while leveraging DevOps, CIOs often lack technology solutions that provide on-demand access to diverse application environments. ITapp’s relentless objective is to support customers in automating application deployments in their private, public, and hybrid clouds, accelerating the DevOps pipelines and hence time-to-market. The flagship product is its modern enterprise AppCenter, with DevOps portal and APIs for one-click provisioning of application environments. AppCenter has robust governance capabilities to control access and set quotas & lease to ensure that costs do not spiral out of control.

The product has won accolades for significantly bringing down time and cost. ITapp is recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2015 in cloud management. Goyal elaborates, “we provide the ability to model any application environment with AppCenter’s simple drag-and-drop UI. This ability to model different app environments has been a key contributor in helping ITapp stay ahead of the stiff competition.” Each IT resource, e.g., virtual servers, storage volumes, Oracle or MongoDB, is modeled as a block. Critically, new resource blocks can be added without requiring changes to the base code. This is very powerful. Our competitors need tomodify their code-base for new resource blocks, drastically increasing times to deliver enterprise’s shifting needs. Another key differentiator is that, “we automatically generate the workflows for various operations, thereby bringing down the time to deploy by 80 percent or more compared to our competition,” continues Goyal.
Importantly, AppCenter’s design has intentionally separated technical automation from business policies so that the developers and IT can operate independently of each other. Developers and QA teams get self-service and the flexibility to deploy their application environments, while IT controls access and quotas for cloud accounts. Additionally, AppCenter buffers differences across multiple clouds so that developers get the same consistent behavior irrespective of the cloud.

AppCenter speeds up DevOps pipelines with its integration with continuous delivery tools. Resource blocks can be created with script automation tools such as Chef, Ansible, and Puppet and container technologies such as Docker. AppCenter is also integrated with continuous integration tools such as Jenkins to automatically spin up environments for build and test automation jobs. It also offers REST APIs.

For instance, NetApp uses AppCenter to deploy mix and match of both enterprise applications (e.g. SQL Server) and newer cloud generation applications (e.g. MongoDB) on hybrid cloud such as OpenStack, AWS, and Azure. AppCenter has delivered ten times improvement in provisioning times. Another customer, a prestigious California University uses AppCenter to deploy application environments for their professors and researchers. As researchers consume these application environments, AppCenter tracks the IT-spend by department and grant, vastly reducing and simplifying bookkeeping.

ITapp automates application deployments in their private, public, and hybrid clouds, vastly accelerating the DevOps pipeline

Going forward, ITapp is focused on growing its business across all geographies including EMEA and APAC, leveraging its key strategic partnerships. CIOs can count on ITapp to accelerate their continuous delivery pipelines, offering choice of cloud providers, mix and match of application components, and robust enterprise governance needs.


San Jose, CA

Brajesh Goyal, Founder & CEO

Accelerates continuous delivery pipeline—model, deploy, and manage end-to-end application stacks—developers consume via self-service UI or APIs while IT controls access and quotas.