Ruxit: A Trusted Performance Monitoring Solution for Websites, Applications and Infrastructure

Bernd Greifeneder, CEO
The key ingredient to successful availability and performance monitoring for DevOps is visibility into the dependencies that underpin web-based applications. The available tools and processes that support the required visibility into such dependencies have however not kept pace with the rapidly shifting technology landscape that modern enterprises find themselves in. In addition, the rise of microservices and SOA have increased the complexity of dependencies between application components. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult for DevOps teams to monitor the rapidly scaling environments and continuous delivery of new features. To enable teams to come together and work towards making their DevOps processes more rapid, reliable, and repeatable, Ruxit provides full-stack performance monitoring support. Ruxit, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, stands out from comparable products by auto-detecting the dependencies between websites, applications, services, hosts, networks, and cloud infrastructure. Ruxit offers DevOps application monitoring using a “pay as you go” Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model.

Ruxit maps all the dependencies between detected components and presents them in an intuitive and customizable dashboard. Unlike other monitoring solutions, Ruxit analyzes the end-to-end communication between application components. Ruxit also automatically recognizes changes to IT environments. It continuously provides a complete real-time picture of all detected components and services within intuitive, fully integrated views. Using this unique approach, Ruxit can pinpoint the root causes of problems by analyzing millions of dependencies within the user’s environment, thereby saving time and money for their organization. “DevOps teams experience significant day-to-day advantages in using our approach to application performance management,” says Bernd Greifeneder, CEO, Ruxit.

Ruxit performance monitoring leverages artificial intelligence technology to provide unique insights. By analyzing data flow throughout the client, server, and infrastructure levels, Ruxit is able to pinpoint where website performance breaks down. “By allowing deep-dives down to the code level and database statements, Ruxit gives developers a big head start at resolving detected problems, often before they affect customer experience,” elaborates Greifeneder.

DevOps teams experience significant day-to-day advantages with the Ruxit approach to application performance management

Smartscape technology allows DevOps teams to view and navigate the intricacies of their IT environments, including all the connections between data centers, CDNs, virtualized infrastructure, and host processes. Plus, using Hyperlyzer technology, Ruxit can automatically identify outlier performance measurements down to the millisecond.

Ruxit is a pioneer in delivering actionable insights that help organizations overcome many operational challenges. In one instance, CHIP Online, Germany’s #1website for computer, mobile, and home entertainment, was not able to address their monitoring requirements using Nagios and similar tools. The other tools they tried required manual adjustments to monitoring and alerting thresholds each time they added a new server to their environment. In many cases, incorrectly set thresholds led to alert spamming, which had the unfortunate result of making legitimate problems easier to overlook. With Ruxit, CHIP online was finally able to see and understand all the dependencies within their web-based application environment. Ruxit detected all components and server-side services out-of-the-box.

Ruxit has already experienced incredible growth since its inception. “In just 6 months we have over 100 customers which, comparatively, is five times the amount of growth a typical company would expect to have at this early stage of business development,” states Greifeneder. The company is focused on doubling its business every quarter by aggressively extending its monitoring support for new technologies.


Waltham, MA

Bernd Greifeneder, CEO

Full-stack availability and performance monitoring for DevOps teams with artificial intelligence that detects and analyzes all dependencies between websites, applications, services, hosts, networks, and cloud infrastructure components.