Audeo: Emphasizing Collaboration and Communication

Justin Baugh, President
DevOps has been breaking down silos in organizations and facilitating novel ways of solving IT problems. The “2016 State of DevOps Report” by Puppet reveals that firms incorporating DevOps practices experience 24x faster recovery times and considerably lower change failure rates. “Going beyond a set of tools and collaboration, DevOps has culminated into an approach emphasizing high-quality products and customer experience over complex procedures,” begins Justin Baugh, President of Audeo. “We use DevOps methodologies to manage internal IT teams and processes to enable continuous integration and innovation.” Specializing in ecommerce clients, Audeo delivers an end-to-end infrastructure solution—not just managed hosting, but a solid platform on which to build. “Customers no longer need to worry about scaling issues and delivering an internet-based infrastructure, instead can focus on offering unique, engaging digital content and the best user experience,” adds Baugh.

The company’s vast DevOps proficiency enables clients to deploy new services quickly while applying continuously improved methodologies to encourage greater innovation while reducing cost, boosting performance, and adhering to regulatory requirements. “We assist clients in evaluating their current DevOps frameworks and creating a detailed roadmap, leading DevOps best practices,” asserts Baugh. “Our process optimizes a firm’s cloud architecture for rapid scalability, instant failover, and automated security protocols.”

Highlighting an example, Baugh explains, Epix—an entertainment network—relied on legacy, custom technology and solutions for their developmental operations management. The company needed an up-to-date operational structure in order to launch a new API service for delivering content to any device. Audeo provided key DevOps consultation and the technical expertise to help scale and develop Epix’s applications in the cloud. Today, Epix’s customers are receiving products and services as per their needs without hindrance in operations.

Audeo, as part of their services, provides a unique solution ‘Merlin’—a web-based self-service tool for developers and end-users to quickly provision new instances in an infrastructure without requiring interaction or support from DevOps.

Our process optimizes a firm’s cloud architecture for rapid scalability, instant failover, and automated security protocols

Companies use Merlin to empower developers to maintain their own environments, reduce support costs, and increase developer and IT staff productivity. Audeo invests greatly on innovative technologies to enhance DevOps measures, and has partnered with HP, IBM, and Amazon, to provide private and hybrid cloud solutions for a variety of needs.

Audeo modernizes security management systems with automated security protocols, central logging, and seamless threat analysis in deployment pipelines. By linking DevOps methodologies to critical KPIs, the company can demonstrate the true impact of DevOps on operations. They also offer real-time access to metrics that measure performance assessment of current team structures and skills—allowing Audeo to suggest the need for further training or additional staffing necessary for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

Baugh states that customers should not implement technologies owing to their popularity, but rather their utility and how it will lead the firm toward efficiency. Audeo makes it a point to be involved with clients from start to finish—recommending architectural improvements that enhance productivity when scaling becomes far more important than delivering initial results. Audeo differentiates itself by its expertise across all areas of DevOps—infrastructure, architecture, and platforms—alongside its ability to provide end-to-end solutions. “Our consulting services help customers scale effectively and deliver more agile solutions through implementing continuous integration of DevOps— making operations faster, efficient, and reliable,” concludes Baugh.


Boston, MA

Justin Baugh, President

Using DevOps methodologies to manage internal processes and integrate with internal IT teams, enabling continuous integration and development.