XebiaLabs: High-Performance Driven by DevOps

Derek Langone, CEO
In the recent past, Stater—Netherlands’ mortgage broker for premium financial service companies—wanted to speed up their time in marketing for new features and applications and also reduce the number of production problems caused by new releases. Stater approached XebiaLabs, a service firm that develops enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps software to execute operations flawlessly. XebiaLabs assisted Stater with their agile DevOps process featuring their XL Release, XL Deploy, and XL TestView to automate, standardize, and orchestrate the software delivery process. As a result, the client’s software deployment time dropped from 1-2 weeks to 30 minutes. It accelerated their release process and their time to roll out new machines. With a wave of change driven by DevOps, XebiaLabs offers its clients a clear path in preparing for their success journey.

“We believe in our developers’ ability to stay on top of key trends is a large part of what makes the XebiaLabs community so valuable to our users,” asserts Langone. XebiaLabs helps companies to accelerate their software releases with more reliability, despite diverse infrastructure and complex processes. The firm’s XL Deploy—an application release automation tool that works ideally right from continuous integration, provisioning, middleware, cloud platforms, and old legacy systems to the most advanced, modern architectures. It is designed to make the process of deploying applications faster, easier, and more reliable in a productive way.

The application handles environment specific values like database credentials and allows users to centralize the management of environment settings in one place. Moreover, XL Deploy combines intelligent deployment automation, the richest content set for enterprise middleware and seamless integration into the application delivery ecosystem. Being more flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient, the application offers out-of-the-box deployment options for complex deployment scenarios, like plan optimization and automatic parallel deployments. Adding to its momentum, XebiaLabs’s version 5.5 of its popular XL Deploy product provides enterprise-scale deployment automation for any environment, from Docker to mainframes.

XL Deploy handles environment specific values like database credentials and allows users to centralize the management of environment settings in one place

The new version integrates provisioning of cloud environments as part of the deployment process, eliminating the need to wait days or even weeks to get the cloud resources that teams require.

Alongside, XL Release is enterprise-scale release management software that manages plans, automates, and analyzes the entire software release pipeline with measurable steps. Being an end-to-end plan orchestrator for DevOps, it identifies bottlenecks, reduces errors and lowers the risk of release failures. With this, DevOps and application teams can integrate release management and execution providing them a path to fully automated delivery pipelines, resulting in faster delivery of software. With the launch of XL Release 5.0 business features can be managed at a more dynamic level. “With our new subrelease capability, individual teams can build their own release pipelines and string them together into one pipeline while maintaining overall control,” notes Langone. “We designed the new capabilities to meet the needs of large enterprises that are focused on achieving business results—whether they are working with existing middleware and big data systems, or implementing new container or IoT initiatives.”

Adding further credence is the firm’s XL Test View—a unique test management solution that allows development teams to consolidate, centrally control and report on all tests used to measure the quality of a new application. With a proven stage-growth success, XebiLabs aims to vanguard the pace of technological change through their pragmatic tools and be the backbone for companies looking forward to deploy DevOps within their environment.


Boston, MA

Derek Langone, CEO

Develops enterprise-scale DevOps software, providing companies with the visibility, automation, and control to deliver software faster and with less risk.