BalanceIT Services: The Gateway to the Age of DevOps

Ethan Waldman, President
In recent years, the culture of IT is moving in lockstep—with changes happening in the larger workspace—to innovate and quickly launch new products. “DevOps is bringing to reality a cultural change for IT teams working to share the same goals, helping them evolve into a faster and more innovative version of their former selves,” expresses Ethan Waldman, President, BalanceIT Services. He also points out that DevOps is not about having the best change management or IT automation toolset; but about people and process. “Today, we observe that many organizations jump on the DevOps bandwagon without fully appreciating what it truly is about,” states Waldman. At its core, people have various ideas about DevOps just by adopting some portions of it. In many cases, the full context of DevOps can be grown over time and need not be digested all at once. Centennial, CO-based BalanceIT Services specializes in providing consulting services to organizations to help them grow and develop their DevOps capabilities. “At BalanceIT Services, we take the technical concepts in implementation and combine that with procedural aspects in order to establish a successful DevOps practice,” he asserts.

BalanceIT Services has extensive experience in the intersection of IT operations and the development and support of applications and leverages this expertise to provide customers comprehensive DevOps services— which includes design and planning, implementation, and ongoing support services. It also delivers strategies and solutions to help clients maximize their technology investments and existing processes. BalanceIT Services aids organizations to gain more productivity by easing the pain points behind the support demands, delivery of enterprise services, and raising the value of supporting IT services.

Waldman points out that along with the ongoing adoption of DevOps across many organizations and large-scale IT infrastructure deployments, automation is paramount. BalanceIT Services brings its extensive expertise in the automation of building, deploying, infrastructure provisioning, and monitoring processes to help organizations drive productivity, reduce the probability of errors, and make technology beneficial for the IT team. “We also emphasize integrating infrastructure and applications into a unified view for monitoring the overall operations health—performance, application stability, critical business services, data protection and integrity, and network security—that facilitate early trouble detection,” states the BalanceIT Services’ president.

At BalanceIT Services, we take the technical concepts in implementation and combine that with procedural aspects in order to establish a successful DevOps practice

BalanceIT Services not only reveals the metrics behind an application status—but also helps in the transaction process, log management, and identification of response times or high-error conditions of an application through their dashboards and graphs.

In recent examples, BalanceIT Services has assisted high-tech companies with several operational structures with different application groups. They were looking for ways to adopt trends like microservices architecture for achieving modularization of an application. The client’s goals with microservices were to isolate functionalities and implement seamless business capabilities through continuous delivery of large and complex applications. BalanceIT Services helped them develop a continuous delivery platform and also designed and oversaw the development of sophisticated API gateways that allowed automated failover on any proactive trouble detection in any of the microservices. “We designed the API gateways on the front-end of things and log analysis on the back-end, with standardized log formats for microservices, in order to fully own and manage the flow of transactions and ensure control and visibility of those transactions,” explains Waldman. “We also maintained an ongoing health view of applications and managed their architecture through roll-out to production by constantly reviewing and adjusting tunable configurations until reaching full stability.”

Going forward, BalanceIT Services intends to take their capabilities to a whole new level. The company is working to help service providers develop their own DevOps practices to deliver to their respective customers. “We are working to establish strong partnerships with service providers to build the practices needed by their customers going forward, focused less on traditional technology sales and support and more on their customers’ challenges in delivering value to their businesses,” concludes Waldman.

BalanceIT Services

Centennial, CO

Ethan Waldman, President

Offers consulting services that help organizations grow and develop their DevOps capabilities

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