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Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO
Today’s cyber landscape leaves no room for mistakes when it comes to the security of software and applications. Enterprises are well aware of the harsh consequences of a cyberattack. Moreover, with end users expecting software vendors to deliver cutting edge software at the speed of light, enterprises find themselves constantly juggling between quick releases and secure releases. “The current approach toward fixing security vulnerabilities at the end of the software development lifecycle creates a recurring cycle of delivery delays,” states Emmanuel Benzaquen, Checkmarx’s CEO. In light of this, Checkmarx is reshaping the ways of application security testing by tapping into the DevOps cycle as early as where developers are coding, making security a seamless and effortless component of the process. “We believe the sooner security vulnerabilities are fixed, the faster the application delivery will be,” he adds.

Implementing safety measures in earlier stages allows developers to continue coding while addressing security risks within their regular work environment. This enhances secure software delivery by preventing late detection which might impact the release schedule. “We drive the idea of ‘shifting left’ with security, meaning that security should be implemented as early as possible within the SDLC.” To foster fast turnarounds in DevOps, Checkmarx has developed CxSAST, a unique source code analysis solution that provides means for identifying, tracking, educating and remediating technical and logical flaws in the source code. With CxSAST’s incremental scan capability, scanning times are reduced to minutes rather than hours or days. Checkmarx offers a complete set of application security testing solutions providing developers with the ability to scan-as-they-go and automatically finding the best-fix locations within the source code, and later incrementally scanning only newly added code. “We ensure that we fit into the client’s DevOps process, making security seamless and fast paced.”

Integrated within CxSAST is Checkmarx’s AppSec Coach that provides developers the critical knowledge they need, when they need it most.

We believe the sooner security vulnerabilities are fixed, the faster the application delivery will be

This is done by providing on-the-spot, interactive, and easy educational models to ensure developers are well trained on what they need and when to use it, without interrupting their daily work routine. Under the same platform, Checkmarx also delivers open source software analysis to validate license regulations and ensure vulnerable open source components do not expose the application to additional risks. Numerous large enterprises including Fortune 500 companies working with Checkmarx have successfully delivered secure software without compromising on time-to-market.

Checkmarx also offers a range of developer friendly solutions to make security an integral part of coding. Among the application security solutions Checkmarx offers, its Best Fix Location algorithm helps developers with code remediation. “Best Fix Location aggregates multiple issues into unique spaces in the code and facilitates vulnerabilities to be patched at a single point,” says Benzaquen. Checkmarx builds a code flow structure which can then be presented in a graphical manner, showing developers the right point to fix vulnerabilities to save their time and effort.

Benzaquen asserts, “At the end of the day, even the best security software in the world isn’t going to protect you from attacks if it’s sitting on a shelf collecting dust.” An absolute must for the right application security testing system is developer adoption, which is Checkmarx’s biggest strength. The company continues to vest its focus on shifting application security testing to the left within the SDLC—as far left as back to the coding stage. “Checkmarx leads the shift security left movement as it is the only way to align the software world’s intense need for speed along with the necessary and critical application security requirements,” he concludes.


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Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO

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