Crosslake Technologies: Architecting DevOps Success

Russ Albright, Partner
In the quest to expedite product development and reduce time to market, enterprises look to DevOps to facilitate code automation and efficient testing processes. However, with some additional strategic foresight, DevOps could provide an even greater benefit than what is realized in many organizations today. Seattle-based, Crosslake Technologies transforms and optimizes software delivery with its unique approach to world-class DevOps success.

While there are many definitions for DevOps, Crosslake identifies it as the process used to check in, build, test, and deploy high quality code on a rapid basis. For many organizations, unfortunately, the key challenge with DevOps is that you don’t get the same high-level benefits with legacy architectures. While the organization will still benefit, world-class status is attained with modern architecture deployments.

Crosslake is most effective at helping organizations establish their DevOps standards and then helping them to cost effectively think through their architecture to optimize their DevOps practice. Crosslake’s process encourages detailed thinking about how to containerize the existing architecture, to turn it into a service, so they are using minimal new code. The intent is to focus on building automation around those contracts rather than spending time and effort rewriting architecture stacks.

Using a modular architectural approach, however, Crosslake says companies can minimize risk and optimize cost benefits. For example, with a company looking to upgrade some old code, it could pursue a couple of different paths. The first option might be to rewrite the whole program. This option incurs a good deal of time and monetary cost, and it would be considered high-risk to opt for a complete change-out as the ultimate business reward may not be high enough.

The second option is to re-use some of that code. If the product functions well today, you know you have a lot of good code.

Crosslake looks to include architecture modernization because it helps the organization attain the full benefits from DevOps adoptions

Instead of rewriting, start breaking the platform down into individual services. Carve them out, one by one, wrap it in more modern code and create an API and contract for what it now does. This modernization effort provides the highest ROI and lowest risk.

“In sync with the trends and technologies that shape the DevOps arena, Crosslake looks to include architecture modernization because it helps the organization attain the full benefits from DevOps adoptions,” states Russ Albright, Partner, Crosslake Technologies. Driven by measurable results, Crosslake focuses on the business outcomes and impact to the bottom line.

The firm supports clients in designing infrastructure and software architectures that improve and modernize development methodologies to gain the benefit of continuous integration, and automated test and deployment. Crosslake takes a modular approach so it can leverage containerization and maintain independence of services and code to provide the fastest and most agile path forward.

The company is focused on delivering quality services to its clients and empowering them with technological and product knowledge transfer to deliver services like architecture modernization, to produce fast, build-test deployments. Whether that be via technologies like PaaS such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry or its own outsourced service organization known as Crosslake Labs, the goal is faster development using modern agile practices like DevOps.

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Russ Albright, Partner

Crosslake transforms and optimizes software delivery

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