HATech: Exponents of Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Jonathan Hathaway, Founder & CEO
With all the bright lights and bustling foot traffic, Las Vegas doesn’t conjure up the typical picture of Tech and DevOps initiatives. But for one company, HATech LLC, Las Vegas is just the place to be! Utilizing their breadth of knowledge of not only the Gaming Industry but Startups, through to Enterprise organizations as a whole, HATech is taking DevOps adoption to a whole new level.

Having served as a certified scrum-master for the last four years, Jonathan Hathaway’s stint as a lead cloud architect in a UK-based firm brought him to the U.S. to partake in a Proof-of-Concept for International Game Technology (IGT), a Las Vegas-based Casino Systems Engineering firm. Fast-forward to today, under the stewardship of Hathaway, HATech has the prowess to build comprehensive continual integration pipelines in just a matter of days. The firm takes an intuitive approach to foresee the potential project issues that clients may face in the future and helps them detect issues beforehand. As he puts it into perspective, “We are a client focused organization as we invest considerable time to understand the client’s business, philosophies, and culture to comprehend what the client is trying to achieve.”

Influenced by the serverless computing trend, HATech has invested in developing SaaS products that enable their clients to simplify service discovery and configuration management in hybrid cloud architectures. With FACTS, HATech’s 100 percent serverless solution, enterprises can securely store their configuration data and create a service discovery framework that supports faster and leaner deployments on-premise or in any cloud or VM platform. Built around AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and AWS API Gateway, FACTS allows organizations to store configuration information and offers them the core advantage of discounting additional infrastructure while investing in a highly available and high performance environment.

Additionally, HATech employs mechanisms that give complete transparency across clients’ DevOps environments. “We are about to launch a new service called meshlogic (meshlogic. io) which will allow our customers to have access to every single DevOps pattern and model we have designed and implemented, via a subscription model,” informs Hathaway, Founder and CEO, HATech. “Clients will have access to our complete library which is ever growing. We’re in the business of sharing success, and if we can make available tools and patterns to help clients be successful on their own, then that’s fantastic for us.”

Being a proof-of-concept driven company, we demonstrate our abilities during the pre-sales process, ensuring the correct cultural fit between us and the client

Aligning with their business-lead approach, the firm has coined the term ‘Business DevOps.’ HATech recommends a unified approach to DevOps, utilizing Engineers and Architects rather than Managers. DevOps is a culture, and as such has the ability to transcend usual business boundaries.

HATech embeds within their client’s team, encouraging collaboration throughout the project, providing leadership and oversight whilst supporting the product team to plan the releases, and mentoring the existing DevOps team to meet business expectations. The key to HATech’s success is the 20 years experience Jon Hathaway has in re-architecting applications and his no-nonsense approach to getting products released, out the door and into customer’s hands. Re-architecting applications for the cloud isn’t as simple as lift and shift. “We encourage our clients to consider cost management, security and life-cycle management prior to moving to cloud. Too often, these components are addressed after a workload is moved, and it stops clients from maximizing their potential with their cloud solution,” advises Hathaway. “We have helped a significant number of clients reduce their monthly spend, often achieving 50 percent savings. For some of our clients, this could be the difference between $100k a month to $50k or less.”

With a dedicated agile transformation team that assists clients in scaling down the technical complexities associated with maintaining and managing infrastructures, HATech endeavors to drive DevOps adoption with their comprehensive portfolio of services and capabilities. Striving to create environments that encourage collaboration, self-expression, and gratification derived from successful completion of software development projects, HATech is dedicated to delivering DevOps solutions that promise organizational agility for their clients.


Las Vegas, NV

Jonathan Hathaway, Founder & CEO

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