appScience Technologies: The Cloud-First Strategizers

With the proliferation of cloud computing in the enterprise sphere, it has become imperative for CIOs to gauge the potential that they can achieve by leveraging the novel technology; and that’s where they struggle. Although they initiate the digital transformation process at their organization, they either fail to accurately comprehend how cloud technology can benefit them or aren’t able to maximize their investment such that the associated costs can be mapped with the underlying results correctly. Operating as a leading could native technology consulting services company, appScience Technologies employs a cloud-first mindset to assist companies at every step of the digital transformation. “With a combined experience of over 120 years, we are practitioners at heart and help our clients with their key technical challenges with respect to the cloud. Been there, done that!” mentions Raja Pabba, partner at appScience Technologies.

appScience packages its cloud expertise and solutions into offerings that aim to assist its clients with their digital transformation objectives. With the software applications becoming the key source of differentiation for many companies, the company has developed managed DevOps as a Service. appScience collaborates with its clients’ technical team members that are responsible for technical architecture, software development, and service delivery engineering to deliver this service. The company initiates the DevOps service process with a preliminary assessment of the clients’ DevOps implementation. This helps appScience to understand the current state and will identify gaps, if any, that need to be addressed before transitioning to a Managed service model. Next, they design the target state that includes operating model, process handoffs, SLAs, metrics, and reviews, which is followed by completing the transition and operationalizing the target state model. Once the new service goes live, appScience will deliver performance reports and provide insights on leading practices to improve service performance continuously. “We help companies in rationalizing their applications system by retiring and replacing some of the outdated applications and also moving the others to cloud,” says Pabba. Apart from DevOps, appScience also delivers expertise in cloud migration, optimization, and security.

On the cloud optimization side, the company undertakes an economic mindset in looking at existing infrastructure architectures and overlay with usage and consumption information provided by the cloud provider.

With a combined experience of over 120 years, we are practitioners at heart and help our clients with their key technical challenges with respect to the cloud. Been there, done that

appScience then applies different algorithms and techniques to identify cloud inefficiencies in terms of overcapacity or under usage. The company also conducts an assessment of the clients’ cloud operations to identify improvements in process and automation using RPA and AI. With a strong focus on security, appScience ensures that the capabilities that they deliver have an essence of security embedded. To this end, the company partners with industry leaders like Okta, CyberArk, Securonix, Damballa (Palo Alto) that help secure cloud operations, monitor, and protect information.

Having carved a unique niche by delivering digital transformation services for growth-focused companies ranging from pharmaceutical companies to government agencies, appScience will be looking to grow with its customers. What differentiates the company is its proven methodology, toolsets and tried and tested blueprints, and the upcoming years will witness them bringing a deeper and broader breadth of cloud services, and an extra emphasis on leveraging AI, ML, and RPA technology. appScience is also set to roll out its cloud optimization solutions that will enable clients to operationalize self-services without any to no consulting efforts. “This all depends on bringing the right talent. We always strive for the best and are on the lookout for smart people excited about customers and technology,” concludes Pabba.

appScience Technologies

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Raja Pabba, Partner

A leading could native technology consulting services company that assists businesses to grow through digital transformation with a cloudfirst mindset