First Line Software: Developing the Agile Wheel

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The blend of Agile and DevOps as a preeminent methodology for software development has become an industry standard for progressive IT organizations. While organizations utilize this blend to accelerate their existing development processes, developers often overlook the aspect of customizing the software to meet various customer-specific requirements. Sure, automation can help ease the pressure of configuring software, but the key to developing quality software lies with clear-cut IT iterations. Set against this backdrop, First Line Software establishes a fine synergy between Agile and DevOps to bridge the software development and IT iteration aspects, and ameliorate software development.

Founded in 2010 with a mission to harness the best of agile and DevOps worlds, First Line Software draws on its rich experience and in-depth expertise in agile implementations to create a controllable, transparent, efficient, and predictable software development process. The company applies a blend of modern development practices and Agile to help clients craft an optimal software solution that best fits their customers’ project scenarios and comfort levels. As Pavel Khodalev, senior vice president of First Line Software describes it, “We induce a fundamental shift in the clients’ problem-solving mindset to enhance their development operations and deliver quality with reduced long regression cycles and release bottlenecks, and a quick time to market.” First Line Software also offers robust development solutions for healthcare platform management, e-commerce, enterprise data management and machine learning software.

With an in-depth understanding of various development practices, and agile embedded in its DNA, First Line Software orchestrates distributed agile development, or as the company calls it, Intellectual Integration of Agile. First Line Software holds a Bronze rating after a detailed Scrum capability assessment by Scrum Inc. and was the first company in the world to be awarded a Scrum Capability Medallion in 2012. This accomplishment has positioned First Line Software as the driving force of innovation and change in the software development arena.

Khodalev also points out how software developers often overlook unit testing—a fundamental level of the test pyramid— as ‘just another testing activity’, and not as their responsibility. “The development teams must establish a fine balance between all levels of a test pyramid to avoid even the smallest of mistakes that can cost an organization millions of dollars in production.

First Line Software draws on its rich experience and in-depth expertise in agile implementations to create a controllable, transparent, efficient, and predictable software development process

From the basic unit testing and integration testing levels to user interface (UI) testing level at the top of the pyramid, all play a crucial role in the B2B sector,” he says.

First Line Software’s team deploys robust configuration management and agile development practices to ensure clients design suitable software and applications on time, and achieve optimum end results for their customers. That’s not all, as a full cycle application development service provider, the company goes beyond its clients’ strategic and business objectives to support the customers throughout the application technology research and selection, prototyping, development, testing, and deployment processes. To illustrate the efficiency of First Line Software’s DevOps services, Khodalev cites a customer success story where a pharmaceutical firm approached the company for expertise in managing their newly acquired, powerful machines. Upon analyzing the client’s business and operational requirements, First Line Software delivered its DevOps services and automated the machine functions to meet the client’s prerequisites in a meticulous manner. In addition to seamless machine management, the client’s development team had full control of the machines’ operational cycles, and could easily incorporate new features when necessary.

As similar stories reflect the essence of First Line Software, the company continues to capitalize on its expertise and develop new software frameworks powered by proprietary open source solutions to bring greater value to the clients. “The incorporation of the machine learning concept will be a cherry on top of our DevOps services, modernizing the very realm of agile software and application development,” says Khodalev.

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