Ignite IT: Applying a DevSecOps Value Factory approach to Streamlining Government Operations

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Steven Pichney, Founder and CEO
While businesses in the private sector thrive following the implementation of a DevSecOps work culture, government agencies seem to face difficulties in overcoming hurdles involving legacy systems and unique compliance requirements in their digitalization journeys.

Ignite IT tackles these issues head-on by offering comprehensive and experience-driven consultative services for federal agencies that truly streamline nation-wide administrative operations. “We apply our Value Factory concept that transforms all activities into the continual production of Value to its clients, no matter the type or scope of project. Obsessing on customer value goes beyond quality controls; it is a key driver of all activities and processes. Embracing this mindset is what allows us to always tie tangible business requirements with technology, features, and processes that produce value. The result is maximum customer ROI for every project executed, no matter the scope or complexity,” states Steven Pichney, founder and CEO of Ignite IT.

Ignite IT is taking charge in the Government Contractor (GovCon) space, providing DevSecOps services as trusted advisors delivering proven solutions for business strategy, transformation, and enterprise technology. “We work with our customers throughout a project’s entire lifecycle, providing continuous value,” expresses David O’Neil, Chief Growth Officer. The professionals at Ignite IT strive toward using innovative new strategies to become as nimble as possible when catering to a client’s needs. Some of the techniques and practices involved, however, demanded a healthy, trust-oriented partnership with the government—and Ignite IT was successful in securing that trust by achieving complete transparency. “The Government requires the latest solutions to solve complex problems, and it is citical for private industry to partner with federal agencies,” states Jonathan Stoner, CIO of Ignite IT.

Our team employs an agile, iterative approach to introducing DevSecOps to a customer, carefully tailoring the methodologies to ease their transition

The company’s DevSecOps approach also factors in the scrutiny organizations face when handling their compliance-related workflows. The Government space consists of hundreds of unique regulations and laws—and their subsequent challenges. Ignite IT’s expert strategizing capabilities, alongside its DevSecOps, cloud architecture, and software engineering services, help clients to significantly bolster their existing organizational workflows. “Our teams employ an agile, iterative approach to introducing DevSecOps to a customer, carefully tailoring the methodologies to ease their transition,” explains Steven Pichney.

With such an extensive set of expertise in the public sector and an incredibly seasoned staff of IT and ex-Government professionals, Ignite IT has proven itself to be one of the most promising service providers in the DevSecOps space today. Whether it is fighting the war on terrorism, improving national security, or streamlining the people’s accessibility to healthcare, Steven Pichney and his teams apply a mission focus to every effort. Moving forward, the company intends to launch new offerings this year while focusing on the growth of the business from a technological point of view. This includes improving DevSecOps and cybersecurity with the addition of AI and machine learning capabilities. “2021 is going to be a dynamic year for technological innovation, and we are rolling out internal learning systems to ensure that our staff stays thoroughly informed about the latest developments to better serve the Government,” concludes Avo Reid, CSO of Ignite IT.

Ignite IT

Leesburg, VA

Steven Pichney, Founder and CEO

Ignite IT is a digital innovation company, whose mission is to help the federal government improve digital services for the American people. Ignite IT creates innovative digital experiences for clients by applying its unique and proven Value Factory approach, helping it to become one of the leading companies specializing in DevSecOps and 360-degree Digital Transformation. Ignite IT is a CMMI Level 3 – Services, ISO 9001:2015, 20000:2018, and 27001:2013 Certified Small Business

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