Opsera: Democratizing DevOps with Opsera’s Continuous Orchestration Platform

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While DevOps has become a “must-have” to accelerate software delivery, there is wide variation of maturity and experience across teams, companies, and industries.

While a small percentage of companies have achieved DevOps maturity across their organization, the majority struggle with increasing costs, complexity, and tool sprawl as their software teams must deliver faster, on additional platforms, and across multiple clouds.

Meanwhile, managers are faced with unknown security and compliance risks due to the lack of end-to-end visibility and reporting across their teams, tools, and platforms.

Opsera's self-service, no-code DevOps platform delivers your choice of pre-integrated tools, orchestrated pipelines with built-in security and quality gates, and integrated observability and analytics. All ready to run on your choice of clouds and on-prem.

Led by Chandra Ranganathan and Kumar Chivukula, Opsera’s founding team has decades of leadership experience in Software delivery and IT Infrastructure and Cloud Operations . Having built and operated SaaS platforms at global scale multiple times, they recognized that most organizations just can’t afford the enormous time and staffing costs of learning DevOps by trial and error.

"Through our work at Uber, Symantec and Adobe, we realized the need for no-code automation and freedom of tool choice to make DevOps successful.” said Chandra and Kumar. “We built Opsera, and are pioneering Continuous Orchestration, with the goal to democratize DevOps for teams that otherwise must manually code integrations of best-of-breed point solutions, or feel stuck with single-vendor solutions that limit tool choice and cause lock-in."

Opsera DevOps Platform: Tools Freedom | Enterprise Control

Engineers can choose any set of tools and services, and deploy pipelines to any cloud or on-prem environments. With no extra effort they get built-in security and quality gates, as well as integrated end-to-end log and metrics collection. With complete visibility into every configuration step and runtime process, performance monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting “just work”.

Managers no longer need to worry about Engineers adding new and unmanaged tools, or having to “hunt and gather” to piece together a full picture of their tools, infrastructure, activities, and costs. Opsera’s “any tool, any cloud” freedom, integrated with end-to-end data collection and reporting, delivers the full picture across your entire organization, making it easy to report for administrative, security, compliance, and governance needs.

The key elements of the Opsera Continuous Orchestration platform are:

● Toolchain Automation: You pick the tools you want from a self-service catalog of best of breed tools or bring your own, and automate any toolchain with Opsera's one-click deployment.
Eliminate manual “glue” scripts and save time with pre-built connectors, native APIs, easy life cycle management and automated governance.

● Declarative Pipelines: Build no-code pipelines using drag-and-drop workflows or using YAML/API via CLI, with quality and security gates built in. You get out of the box integrations and pipeline visibility across all the CI/CD stages for use cases including software engineering, SaaS release automation (Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Adobe Experience Manager) and infrastructure-as-code pipelines.

● Unified Observability and Analytics: The platform provides comprehensive and unified analytics across your entire CI/CD ecosystem. Aggregated and contextualized logs and build blueprints for faster resolution and improved auditing and compliance. Intelligent and personalized dashboards with more than 90+ KPIs across six different dimensions (planning, development, security, quality, operations and source code), so you can make smarter decisions.

Fortune 500 customers success

A Fortune 100 client was struggling to incorporate their chosen best-of-breed point solutions into well-orchestrated DevOps pipelines, then scale and manage them across multiple cloud platforms.

Opsera’s platform enabled them to provision their tools and pipelines with improved agility and reduced cost, while scaling and managing not only their software engineering pipelines, but also their SaaS and COTS applications and integrations, and infrastructure-as-code pipelines.

Opsera’s visibility into duplicate stacks utilized by developers enabled them to rationalize stacks and optimize deployments.

After the onboarding phase, the client did not have to build new pipelines from scratch anymore as they could leverage the common orchestration framework to develop pipelines for multiple use cases quickly, with quality, security and approval gates.

For a Fortune 500 IoT and wireless provider, Opsera was able to almost double developer velocity within days of implementation. The company was successful in automating their software delivery processes end-to-end, and eliminating huge chunks of time wasted on manual interventions of builds and releases. Developers can now invest their time on production code rather than writing glue code for tool and pipeline components.

With Opsera’sself service, no code DevOps platform, empower developers to deliver software faster, safer and smarter

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Palo Alto, CA

Chandra Ranganathan, Co-Founder & CEO and Kumar Chivukula, Co-Founder & CTO

Opsera unlocks the full productivity of your DevOps teams with their no-code platform that delivers your choice of pre-integrated tools, orchestrated pipelines with built-in security and quality gates, and integrated observability and analytics. All ready to run on your choice of clouds and on-prem