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Hidayatullah Ahsan, CTO
Hidayatullah Ahsan, CTO of TechIcon, Inc., says that to solve a problem or get things done faster with greater efficiency, one must build trust among the stakeholders. This synergy collectively achieves a common goal. Such a synergy carries the utmost importance in the DevOps and cybersecurity arena, where solutions and services are continually designed to solve the most complicated IT problems people face. Therefore, TechIcon's mantra for success in the enterprise world is nurturing this cooperation and trust amongst stakeholders, which helps provide maximum value to its clients.

Along the same lines, TechIcon upholds a few fundamental principles and philosophies that ensure unmatched efficiency in DevOps and cybersecurity initiatives. "We understand that each business requirement is unique, and as a result, every client that we engage with requires a tailored approach, be it for a DevOps initiative, bolstering cybersecurity, or more," begins Mr. Ahsan. In addressing a client's unique issues, TechIcon analyzes their needs and finds the root cause of the problems in their daily operations. In addition, the company embraces Agile best practices to design and implement solutions, successively obtaining clients' feedback at multiple phases in the collaboration. This approach reduces the time to achieve a clients' objective while also precisely addressing their business requirements.

An engagement that validates TechIcon's adherence to these

governing philosophies of cooperation is its collaboration with a firm that had initiated a significant modernization project across its business. "Our client assumed that DevOps is a one-size-fits-all solution, which would drastically solve all their problems. The reality, however, is entirely different," adds Mr. Ahsan. In this case, the system architecture involved a significant amount of legacy code, which had to be broken down into multiple smaller pieces using Services Oriented Architecture. For their client, TechIcon decided to implement microservices architecture with API first strategy. Collectively, these smaller chunks of code would enable the client to implement and utilize modern and practical tools. This contradicts the preconceived notion of adopting DevOps tools first and addressing issues later. To that end, Mr. Ahsan says that 'tools are in DevOps, but DevOps is not in tools' – a simple yet essential distinction that completely changes how DevOps is perceived within the industry.
Through the modernization initiative fueled by TechIcon, the client would reduce around 50% of their operational budget while automating a fair share of their manual processes.

Charting such noteworthy stories and collaborations in its engagement with clients, TechIcon stays true to its role within the industry as a problem solver. The company goes beyond providing one-time resolutions and cherishes long-term relationships with clients, helping them foresee issues that may arise in the future. "We don't just solve problems for the sake of solving problems, but for improving the lives of our customers," said Mr. Ahsan.

Often, clients opting for DevOps or cybersecurity services from experts such as TechIcon are bound to have legacy systems or antiquated workflows. A small minority of these businesses could also hesitate to embrace modern technologies. Technion's engagement with their clients ensures that they are well-informed and trained in all relevant technological regimes applicable to their modernization solution. "Where we shine is the area of helping customers cement their preparedness for any challenge that may come their way," summarizes Mr. Ahsan.

We understand that each business requirement is unique, and as a result, every client that we engage with necessitates a tailored approach, be it for a DevOps initiative

TechIcon is currently focusing on DevSecOps and its extension into Operational Technology and cybersecurity compliance management. To this extent, TechIcon's flagship product called RamperTM implements new algorithms from TechIcon's Research and Development department and automates the security lifecycle of DevOps. RamperTM facilitates communication between stakeholders, integrates with network and application scanning tools, and enables teams to manage cybersecurity vulnerabilities efficiently. Current RamperTM users have achieved time efficiencies of 80% or more, i.e., a security management task that took one workweek can be completed in a day or less. Through these results, the RamperTM product is playing a significant role in improving the real-time security of applications going through the DevOps lifecycle and completed applications.

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Hidayatullah Ahsan, CTO

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