GoVanguard: DevOps Automation to Tackle Business Challenges

Mahdi Hedhli, Founder
The constant transformations of technology in the market are driving enterprises towards enhanced DevOps services; to automate operations and improve services. Enter GoVanguard (GVIT)—headquartered in New York City. “Current IT challenges require organizations to do more with less. This is especially true today where technology is involved in every aspect of business. To achieve this we leverage robust enterprise automation technologies with comprehensive monitoring solutions. This integrated automation frees up staff from tedious, error-prone, daily tasks while the granular monitoring provides actionable insight allowing for proactive responses before incidents occur,” begins Mahdi Hedhli, Founder and CEO, GoVanguard. “We want to ensure that the solutions we offer are not just best-of-breed in regards to the technology, but are the best path for the client’s needs. Before offering solutions, we look at business needs first.”

At GVIT, “We assist our clients with implementing DevOps automation and training existing staff to use the automation, freeing our team to focus on larger problems,” explains GoVanguard CTO, Shane W. Scott. Initially, the company began as an IT solutions and managed services provider focused on providing end-to-end solutions for infrastructure, network/ compute/ storage, business systems, cloud services, backup, disaster recovery, automation and monitoring. Later, “we were approached with an opportunity to provide DevOps. After internally deciding this was an area we could add value; our team of passionate and talented technicians succeeded in meeting our clients’ goals. It opened our eyes to the need for DevOps as a service offering,” says Mahdi.

GoVanguard assists clients with both short-term and long-term goals. “Most of the time our clients have great ideas and end goals, but they are not as certain how to strategically implement their vision.”

Mana Health is one of GoVanguard’s clients focused on tackling the complicated challenge of simplifying access to patient health data. GoVanguard was engaged early in the development of a patient portal application that connects patients with their medical records and practitioners. GVIT assisted in architecting and implementing a robust, scalable, HIPAA compliant cloud strategy and DevOps solution for the clients’ Development, Staging and Production environments. The cloud infrastructure was built using continuous integration and deployment technologies, rapidly increasing Mana’s development process and release cycle.

We are a process, implementation and technology driven organization. As our name suggests, we are focused on staying at the forefront of the rapidly changing IT market

Additionally, the patient portal was built to allow the application to scale both horizontally and vertically across multiple regions and availability zones.

Other than DevOps, the company specializes in monitoring and data strategy implementation services that include end-point and application monitoring along with advanced real-user and experienced index monitoring. GoVanguard is also building services around big data platforms, relationship modeling, and data analytics. Shane adds, “We’re helping customers build scalable back-end systems to store their unstructured data and analysis platforms on top of it to yield data relevant to the business; which might otherwise go undiscovered.”

“We are a process, implementation and technology driven organization. As our name suggests, we are focused on staying at the forefront of the rapidly changing IT market,” states Mahdi.

GoVanguard’s clientele includes businesses in the NYC Metro area and continental U.S., but they plan to expand their client base globally. As they approach their second anniversary, they look back at a client list that includes many SMEs and enterprise clients such as Unilever, Autodesk and Playboy. Looking forward, “we see the current trend in the evolution of IT centers on convergence. We are carefully watching and analyzing strategies of the emerging SDN and NFV market, which will play a critical role in automating flexible infrastructure. Also, with the increase in breaches over the past two years, we see the next convergence to be focused around security. One of our strategies is to blend our automation and monitoring with security best practices to provide enhanced DevOps services,” concludes Mahdi.


Manhattan, NY

Mahdi Hedhli, Founder

Devops as-a-service solutions Offered with Continuous Integration Automation, Analysis, of Infrastructure along with end point monitoring and application monitoring.