Intland Software ALM Solution: Encompassing all Phases of the Development Process

Janos Koppany, CEO & Co-founder
A deeper analysis of software failures reveals the need for preventive measures by way of tools that help track and stay in control of development processes, manage risks, and ensure traceability and transparency throughout the application development lifecycle. Sensing the increased demand to provide a comprehensive, organically integrated lifecycle management system with strong agile support, Janos Koppany founded Intland Software about a decade ago to reduce the risk of software failures. “Our collaborative development platform flexibly supports and streamlines our clients’ processes, whether they are using traditional waterfall methods, or gradually implementing (scaled) agile or DevOps,” says Koppany, CEO and Co-founder of Intland Software.

Intland provides organizations with agile lean methods for the entire lifecycle, from demand, requirement, development management, quality assurance, and test management, all the way through to re¬lease. Intland’s codeBeamer is an ALM solution that offers application lifecycle management disciplines in one package and relies on a single repository for consistency across the lifecycle. codeBeamer helps companies align their business goals with their processes, incorporating the DevOps approach in all stages of the application development lifecycle. The key areas of functionality in codeBeamer are requirements management, demand management, software development, QA and test management, and IT Operations (DevOps). codeBeamer incorporates a holistic xLM system with strong agile features, collaboration, and process workflow capabilities, allowing its users to manage overlapping lifecycles.

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Intland proudly serves over 25,000 users worldwide, including Fortune 100 customers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In an implementation highlight, the application services department of Lufthansa Systems wanted to standardize the management of their software development processes.
Tasked with the QA and management of the division’s software development and maintenance projects for internal customers of Lufthansa, the division, responsible for over 70 applications, opted for a single application lifecycle management platform codeBeamer that could flexibly help them manage the complexity of their processes across teams and throughout the development lifecycle.

In another instance, a major engineering company developing products with embedded software had relied on several tools to manage their lifecycles, and wanted to consolidate their processes using a single platform. Their processes included mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software engineering activities. However, at certain points of time, they needed to freeze all project artifacts and save those product versions in baselines to review and compare. Creating baselines was a major hurdle when using multiple tools across teams and processes.

Having all the artifacts managed within codeBeamer allowed them to conveniently create baselines, facilitating compliance audits.

As opposed to many products that merely consist of distinct modules glued together, the integrated modules of codeBeamer application lifecycle management software create a holistic system that is able to apply its outstanding features end-to-end across all modules.

Being built on a single repository, codeBeamer is more agile and affordable than single-point solutions. “Our system can be extended with in-house apps for specific domains such as medical, automotive, and safety-critical industries. This enables our customers to start using codeBeamer faster, without having to go through time and effort-intensive customization before rolling out an ALM platform,” says Koppany. codeBeamer also facilitates the versioning of all assets including requirements, tests, source code and deliverables.

On the firm’s future, Koppany explains that the meaning of the term ‘product’ is undergoing a radical change in the wake of the IoT wave. As a consequence, Intland is envisioning developing software, hardware (mechanics), and services together, and operating products that are way more complex than ever before.

Intland Software

Stuttgart, Germany

Janos Koppany, CEO & Co-founder

Developer of a fully web-based Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) solution.