Soha Systems: Bringing Agility and Security to the Cloud

Rob Quiros, VP of Marketing & Products
For a decade, the agile development method has transformed the way organizations have been building software, and with the ascent of Cloud, DevOps has become an imperative aspect for businesses and their operations. Although DevOps enable organizations to quickly deploy themselves on Cloud through automation and orchestration tools, they still fall short in providing the security around Cloud computation processes. The solutions that organizations have for incorporating the security features in their Cloud based framework are legacy network technologies that are slow and difficult to deploy. Unlike these organizations, clients of Sunnyvale, CA based Soha Systems are unlocking the door to an optimized Cloud services environment, formed over the virtues of agility and security. Soha creates the first line of defense for applications through its unique services, and simplifies the implementation of security tools in the cloud environment. The company has empowered various partners and customers to effectuate their businesses effortlessly while impeding unauthorized access.

Soha is seeing high traction from organizations “born in the cloud” as it comes as a great tool to meet the customer side of cloud-computing providers’ shared security responsibility model. The eminence of Soha is escalating as it efficiently provides a multi-layered line of defense between customer’s applications and the Internet. “Soha Cloud effectively takes a company’s applications off the Internet, allows them to lock down their cloud infrastructure and move the problems of security and access management to our service,” delineates Rob Quiros, VP of Marketing and Products at Soha Systems. The company’s solutions can secure applications running in Amazons AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform, VMware vSphere, VMware vCloudAir, and OpenStack environments.

Soha Cloud’s dexterity for securing applications on public clouds starts with the usage of a private “Cloudlet” that resides in the customer environment. The Cloudlet allows customers to close their infrastructure to the Internet and move the security, access, and connectivity to the Soha Cloud service.
The Soha Cloud only allows authorized employees and partners to have the ingression to running applications, thus guaranteeing the security and efficiency of the system. “Our services are delivered in a very scalable and redundant fashion, which enable us to provide a greater level of availability than our customers could typically build for themselves,” states Rob.

Soha Cloud effectively takes a company’s applications off the Internet, allows them to lock down their cloud infrastructure and move the problems of security and access management to us

Due to the adulation Soha has garnered with its string of solutions, the company is witnessing traction from various industries especially from enterprise organizations that are equipped with legacy IT infrastructure. “We provide them security solutions that fit with their hybrid-cloud strategies,” says Rob. “Because the Soha Cloud comprises the ingress and Cloudlet egress points, we provide a complete trusted path from users on the Internet to applications wherever they may be hosted,” adds Rob. Soha has made a monthly development cycle for its customers where the company adds the in-demand functionality into the software that enables them to compete in the ever changing environment.

To conclude with a case study, one customer chose Soha to enable their field sales personnel access into a cloud hosted business intelligence application. The client’s previous attempt at providing access through a VPN failed due to the complexity of deploying VPN software on mobile devices. On deploying the Soha Cloud solution, the client was able to deliver secure access to the application from any mobile device with no software. Through satisfactory services as such Soha has established a strong foothold in the current DevOps landscape and is now looking forward to expand their footprint in the global market.

Soha Systems

Sunnyvale, CA

Rob Quiros, VP of Marketing & Products

Soha Systems delivers application security for the cloud-enabled enterprise.