XebiaLabs: Speeding Up the Software Delivery

Derek Langone, CEO
Large scale software adoption is an important chapter in the business cycle of an enterprise. DevOps, a software development methodology, born out of the organizational need to improve IT service delivery agility, emphasizes communication, and collaboration between software developers and IT operations to improve automation and seamless delivery of software. However, many companies relentlessly seem to dabble with the absence of effective solutions that speed up implementation of quality software to deliver results faster. XebiaLabs, a one-of-its-kind solution provider eliminates these hindrances by empowering organizations to deploy independent delivery automation solutions and tools to meet their desired outcomes.

XebiaLabs’ products not only provide automation, and efficiency but also the insight that the enterprises need to meet the demand for faster software deployment cycles. “We have noticed the application development times may have accelerated but, software deployment best practices still lag behind thereby posing a major challenge at the point of application release. XebiaLabs as a solution provider helps customers to readily implement DevOps methodologies,” says Derek Langone, CEO, XebiaLabs.

Unlike its counterparts, XebiaLabs does not utilize workflows, allowing easy and fast implementation of software so that customers can easily create a fully automated customer feedback loop and adapt their applications to the changing market shifts.

The XL Platform, a product and solution suite by XebiaLabs combines deployment automation, on-demand environment provisioning, agile test management and pipeline orchestration for DevOps and continuous delivery. The platform is divided into XL Release, XL Deploy and XL TestView. The XL Release allows enterprises to manage, control, and visualize its continuous delivery pipelines so they can find and fix problems early and optimize these processes. Further, the solution simplifies and encourages collaboration of reports and provides data contributing to decision making. In a nutshell, the solution manages a holistic release process for software delivery and easily integrates with other tools in the work environment.

XL Deploy automates application deployment to happen in a repeatable, standard, and efficient way which results in higher quality software being delivered at a faster scale. It considerably accelerates time to market while reducing software defects. XL Deploy has a high failure recovery rate which ensures audit compliance, improves collaboration between teams, and removes the requirement of agent deployment in each environment.

XL TestView is one of the first test results management and analysis tool which allows the user to define and execute tests across its full spectrum of test tools into one central dashboard

XL TestView is one of the first test results management and analysis tool which allows the user to define and execute tests across its full spectrum of test tools into one central dashboard. The solution aggregates and visualizes the results to provide insight on application’s quality. XL TestView yields actionable information during standard test automation to avoid yielding scattered data which cannot be used effectively.

A legion of companies in various verticals like finance, online retailing, geospatial product and service providers, telecommunications and airlines companies like Air France-KLM, used XebiaLabs’ product and solutions to speed up their application release automation. At KLM, the IT team typically worked on 35 projects simultaneously, with a total of around 200 JAVA EE application deployments per week. KLM faced errors in over 70 percent of its software deployments.

The client chose XL Deploy and experienced a significant improvement in-time to market and deployment reliability. By eliminating the waiting time caused by errors during deployment, KLM enabled shortening the turnaround time for major projects by several weeks.

“As software continues to become more pervasive, delivering the right software at the right time and in the right way is a critical competitive capability, but most organizations are flat on their feet,” Langone says. “XebiaLabs has an elegant solution to the challenges and pressures of continuously delivering great software. I am excited to lead the company and build on the already impressive momentum,” he concludes.


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Derek Langone, CEO

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