Cake Solutions: Cost and Risk Mitigation through DevOps as a Service

Guy Remond, Managing Director
The age of siloed software development has now slipped into oblivion and responding to business requirements immediately is the new norm. Agile methodology is a modern touchstone for incorporating changes in accordance to client demands and the development process necessitates co-ordination between developers and other IT professionals in an enterprise. Companies acknowledge the significance of DevOps in ironing out complexities in software development; however, their development teams have to race against time while concentrating on the operational side of the software. Brooklyn, NY based Cake Solutions offers a silver bullet to the present scenario with its DevOps as a Service (DaaS) that helps clients in mitigating the associated risks, pitfalls, and costs.

Cake provides DevOps as a Service for strategic planning and process consulting and helps clients establish a DevOps framework around core value proposition. By virtue of the service, Cake assists in crafting DevOps toolchain for application lifecycle management and supports infrastructure automation and management. The service allows agile development teams to concentrate on core competencies and its customized environment fulfills the DevOps needs of specific teams. Cake ensures collaboration between software developers and operation professionals and allows sharing of ideas while enhancing understanding among the development teams. The company leverages Continuous Delivery (CD) methodology in its offering to help developers with instantaneous software release and maintain production readiness for any change. Beginning with Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the company helps clients in value assessment of the in-built software features.

To measure the performance of the product, Cake empowers developers with measurement tools to determine various parameters like response time, number of active users, and performance under load. Developers are able to release software at any instance due to Continuous Integration (CI) servers such as Jenkins and Travis CI. Error detection and elimination become agile processes due to increased frequency of integration and consequently the software is delivered in lesser time.

We are growing rapidly and successfully, providing innovative and disruptive solutions using the very latest technologies to solve business problems for our clients

Cake helps to zero in on the best CI strategy, build complex systems, and handle the nuances as well as complexities of various software components built on different platforms.

Cake entails CI and CD through its DevOps as a Service and in one of instances, the holistic approach sowed the seeds of success for a client in the security solution arena. Paycasso, which provides cybersecurity solutions for enterprises as well as users, sought a MVP, product enhancements, and traffic handling. Team Cake crafted an MVP that was based on new technical stack comprising Scala, iOS, C++ with AMQP messaging and utilized avant-garde DevOps approach to expedite the process of releasing new system instances. Consequently, the client had a product with advanced image processing, computer vision, and safeguarding capabilities.

Guy Remond, Managing Director of Cake Solutins, shares the journey of his company that has witnessed success stories akin to Paycasso, “We are growing rapidly and successfully, providing innovative and disruptive solutions using the very latest technologies to solve business problems for our clients.” The company looks forward to create innovative products as well as empower clients with its cutting-edge service in creating business value through quick to market solutions. As DevOps becomes a new imperative in the software development arena, Cake is well positioned to explore new opportunities.

Cake Solutions

New York City, NY

Guy Remond, Managing Director

Provides DevOps as a Service that enables teams to concentrate on their core strengths by delivering a "as a service" environment tailor-made for a team's DevOps needs.