nClouds: Bolstering DevOps on Cloud

JT Giri, CEO “Amazon Web Services (AWS) without DevOps is like owning a Ferrari, but only driving it in a residential area with a 25 mph speed limit,” expresses JT Giri, CEO, nClouds. What started as a cultural shift to bring developers and operations together, has now transformed to become the most crucial aspect of the software development lifecycle. With DevOps, shifting to the cloud becomes simple and developers can quickly configure projects to automatically build, test, and deploy as they make changes to the source code. However, embracing DevOps cloud can be a challenge for many since it is not as straightforward as purchasing or subscribing to software tools. San Jose, CA-based nClouds has been helping businesses thrive in the cloud by providing top-notch DevOps services.

As an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, nClouds helps clients migrate to AWS, enabling them to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices in the AWS environment. By leveraging a combination of AWS and open source tools, nClouds enhances the collaboration between the developer and operations teams to build and maintain their cloud infrastructure, as well as deliver quality software products with ease and flexibility. With a decade of DevOps expertise, the firm aids organizations to innovate faster in the cloud, build custom deployments pipelines, and apply best practices and processes that increase the frequency of new software releases, alongside delivering projects on time and within budget.

Infrastructure as Code

“Our team of software architects, engineers, and developers specialize in designing infrastructure as code to orchestrate continuous delivery through various configuration management tools such as Jenkins DSL and Jenkins Pipelines. Clients can automate their complete software delivery lifecycle and respond quickly to the business requirements through nClouds’ configuration management solution—powered by their vast experience in working with open configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible.

At nClouds, we have built end-to-end deployment pipelines to increase the productivity by 10x

To foster consistency and efficiency across the environment, nClouds automates all areas of software development and helps run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.

The firm also leverages Docker to further simplify the containerization and distribution of applications as per client requirements. “We help companies truly take advantage of the cloud by scaling up and down by thousands of nodes based on customer traffic and business metrics,” asserts Giri. The firm has also developed internal processes and tools to successfully migrate and manage cloud infrastructure. As a leading DevOps as a Service provider, nClouds helps clients in every stage of the cloud migration process, ensuring clients receive best results that align with the business requisites alongside addressing compliance issues. “At nClouds, we have built end-to-end deployment pipelines to increase the productivity by 10x as well as automate HIPAA compliance requirements—ensuring clients’ infrastructures remain fully compliant and safe from external threats or data breaches.

The firm recently launched—a change management and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) platform— designed for achieving regulatory compliance across all cloud accounts by providing end-to-end security through real-time monitoring of AWS cloud infrastructure. With nOps, clients gain visibility into their operations workflows, as it intelligently groups resources together and updates them, while ensuring all the changes are documented and approved. nClouds, with its wide-ranging services, has gained prominence in the DevOps market. This is evident from nClouds’ esteemed clients from across sectors like healthcare to automotive.

Enforcing Consistency

As an Advanced AWS Partner, nClouds helps clients of all sizes innovate faster by managing and maintaining their infrastructure and leveraging cloud automation.
Giri points out a successful use case where a large IoT company needed to transition from a traditional development environment to a DevOps culture to accelerate product development and deliver it on AWS. By embracing nClouds, the client was not only able to provision the necessary resources—backed by Ansible and Jenkins—but also streamline the software development process using Docker. With Infrastructure as Code, the client was able to reduce its development time and release products faster with higher quality, while simultaneously engaging more customers. “Our expertise lies in building fully automated infrastructures that enforce consistency across all levels of the development lifecycle and configuration management process,” explains Giri.

Treating Infrastructure as Code, a general foundation for DevOps practices, nClouds also provides optimized software applications, including code review, version control, continuous integration, and automated testing. “Clients can deploy changes with confidence and recover more quickly from failures, allowing their teams to be more agile and responsive to business needs, ultimately enabling companies to roll-out products frequently,” states Giri.

By implementing, Infrastructure as Code practices into the business strategy, organizations can also respond to cyber attacks immediately—allowing teams to patch the vulnerabilities within hours, instead of days or months. nClouds leverages AWS’ Key Management Services (KMS) to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data, ensuring that systems facilitate HIPAA compliance while processing, managing, and storing protected health and patient information. “DevOps makes security a part of the day-to-day operation, rather than an afterthought,” explains Giri.

The Road Ahead

Giri firmly believes that in addition to using the right tools, establishing the right culture is a must for organizations to further add value to their customers. nClouds becomes a part of daily standup, weekly planning, and uses proven processes to help companies build better DevOps culture, achieve better results, and add value to customers. Forging ahead, the company is looking at enhancing the capabilities of nOps to augment change management in dynamic infrastructures and cater to a large client base. The firm also continues to stay true to its philosophy of building long term relationships, removing bottlenecks, and streamlining the infrastructure to help clients succeed. “If they grow, we grow with them,” concludes Giri.


San Jose, CA

JT Giri, CEO

Provides top-notch DevOps services to help businesses thrive in the cloud