Basis Technologies: Accelerate the Pace of Change for SAP Run Businesses

James Roberts, CTO
Basis Technologies, an innovator in the SAP ecosystem for over two decades, offers an automated DevOps and testing platform to dramatically increase business agility. CTO of Basis Technologies, James Roberts says that SAP can be highly complex, and historically, users are conservative about making changes quickly for fear of ‘breaking’ something – or worse, bringing down the whole system.

Traditional SAP application life cycle management (ALM) change and release methods are slow and manual, and often lead SAP changes into long monolithic release cycles that fall well behind the pace seen outside SAP. “This is unacceptable in today’s digital economy and in the age of digital transformation. To remain competitive, businesses must continually adapt in the face of changing market opportunities and customer expectations,” remarks Roberts. Basis Technologies automates the continuous delivery and testing of SAP application changes to eliminate the risk of negative business impact. Customers respond quickly to changing market dynamics and maintain competitive agility with a platform that transforms the way they manage, improve, and change SAP systems.

Basis Technologies’ ActiveControl automates the application change process from concept to production. The solution provides flexibility to make changes on demand, while mitigating risk and lowering the cost of SAP delivery. “ActiveControl is all about the change delivery process,” remarks Jim Dugger, Senior Technology Evangelist, Basis Technologies. “The integrated automation platform supports agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery in SAP environments – all critical components for modern application delivery.”

In one instance, a global e-commerce printing company reduced concept-to-value time from over 18 months to 3 weeks following business-wide adoption of agile development methods but were struggling to align their SAP systems with this new direction. Quality issues rework and even errors in production continued to occur. ActiveControl allowed the company to automate SAP delivery and integrate with wider agile processes, eliminating production issues following installation of the product. “We allow clients to safely and selectively choose what they want to release into production and when they want to deliver it. The technology includes more than 60 analyzers that automatically check application changes for risk, impact, and quality at every step of the delivery process,” says Dugger.

The company’s DevOps solutions let clients unlock the true value of their business by transforming the way they manage, improve, and understand their SAP systems

Launched last year, the company’s Testimony solution reinvents traditional methods of SAP regression testing with a unique new approach called Robotic Test Automation (RTA). The technology eliminates the need for test scripting, maintenance and test data management. Many organizations rely on risk-based testing that testsonly a fraction of business-critical systems. This leaves them vulnerable to costly defects and business risk. With Testimony, users achieve high levels of coverage and the ability to test the entire system on demand. Testimony automatically captures SAP production system activity and uses that information to execute complete regression tests, validating changes before they hit the business. This eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming end-user recording, business process discovery, and test script creation and maintenance.

“We are fundamentally changing the way companies deliver SAP innovation to the business,” said Roberts. With the ability to integrate SAP delivery and testing into wider Agile and CI/CD processes, Basis Technologies is leading the way with DevOps for SAP. “As the only platform with a seamless approach to delivery and testing for SAP, we are bringing long overdue agility to companies running SAP, helping them embrace DevOps to better align IT with the business,” says Roberts.

“Our mission is to help customers keep pace in a highly competitive market with change automation, automated testing, and continuous delivery engineered specifically for SAP. We are giving complete autonomy to SAP application teams as they strive to support the greater demands on IT departments – and the market response has been tremendous,” concludes Roberts.

Basis Technologies

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James Roberts, CTO and Jim Dugger, Senior Technology Evangelist

Provides automation tools to enable Agile and DevOps for SAP to support faster and safer change

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