Data Dynamics: StorageX-Powered Unstructured Data Management

Piyush Mehta, CEO
A recent Analyst report has been making several enterprise bosses fret. The report stated that data accumulation over a span of five years, across an enterprise worldwide, would grow at a rate of 800 percent, most of which will be caused by unstructured data. Data growth, triggered by factors such as user- and machine-generated data, as well as applications gathering information from a wide variety of sources, is a common pattern across industries that has been rampant across verticals. However, tight operational budgets and limited resources have often been hindrances in effective management of data.

Very little has been done to learn characteristics of data, and identification of workloads less utilized, in order to ensure better management. The inception of Data Dynamics, a New Jersey-based firm was inspired by the observation that the inability of enterprises to derive insights and effectively utilize their massive data volumes is more of a business opportunity than a challenge.

The firm empowers clients with analytic capabilities to derive value from their metadata. “Our flagship product, StorageX 8.0 helps clients utilize enterprise metadata better for business intelligence, based on an analyze, move, manage, modernize paradigm,” mentions Piyush Mehta, CEO, Data Dynamics.

StorageX 8.0, an innovative file management solution, enables enterprises to utilize unstructured data efficiently from creation to archival to achieve business transformation. The StorageX platform has been instrumental in the movement of around 200 PB of data to in a hybrid cloud environment, a noteworthy milestone that speaks volumes about this unique software’s capabilities.

The platform ensures the data can be custom tagged and transformed to a private and public cloud S3-compliant platform. The solution is also fully RESTful API integrated, empowering clients to programmatically copy, move, or archive files based on the policies they specify, both upstream to StorageX and downstream to the cloud and storage provider.

To illustrate the capabilities of Data Dynamics and the StorageX 8.0 platform better, Mehta shares a couple of noteworthy client experiences. He notes the solution, offered to a particular enterprise, can migrate to a cloud infrastructure swiftly.

Data Dynamics’ flagship product, StorageX 8.0, helps clients utilize enterprise metadata better for business intelligence, based on an analyze, move, manage, modernize paradigm

Collaboration with Data Dynamics helped in accurately comprehending the history of workloads, identification of data owners, and targeting of information which was unused for a long period. This identification process accelerates the migration of crucial data to the cloud in a short time span, and significantly reduced enterprise expenditure as compared to the legacy storage infrastructure they previously relied on.

While imparting assistance to an esteemed financial institution, Data Dynamics unearthed a startling fact—2,400 home directories were assigned to users who were no longer employed with the firm. These directories occupied a significant amount of primary storage and had not been utilized for several months. Data Dynamics helped the client establish an audit point and transport these dark workloads to an archival storage tier, thus adhering to a key enterprise compliance benchmark.

One of the key responsibilities the firm essays is ensuring workloads are assigned to authenticated users to serve the dual purposes of data security and optimal storage. The StorageX-powered data management system has helped Data Dynamics’ clients accomplish a cumulative savings of over $100 million. The unique platform has propelled the company to the status of trusted data management software platform for several Fortune enterprises globally.

Data Dynamics currently caters to the needs of clients situated in the Asia Pacific, European, as well as North and South American regions. The company has a 24x7 client support centre to guide clients as they deploy and leverage the features of StorageX. Data Dynamics even empowers customers by offering robust training on various modules of the StorageX platform, and enables them to share experiences with other users through its interactive portal.

Data Dynamics

New Jersey, USA

Piyush Mehta, CEO

Helps manage unstructured data efficiently though its innovative file management solution, the StorageX platform

Data Dynamics