Enov8: Enterprise Intelligence for DevOps at Scale

Niall Crawford, CTO
A spin-off from an Australian-based IT services company, Enov8 was formed back in 2014 after the realization that all their current clients, which included large banks and telecoms, were struggling to manage their IT & non-production environments efficiently and therefore, were suffering from operational errors, delivery delays, platform outages, and quality issues. They needed something that could modernize their IT operations while also making them agile. Enov8 recognized there was a need for resilient and feature-rich IT solutions and therefore developed an integrated platform to deliver transparency and governance across the IT landscape.

Niall Crawford, CTO of Enov8 believes that organizations cannot be agile unless they implement “DevOps at Scale” capabilities. The company bridges the gap between agility and DevOps through its platform and by providing enterprise intelligence and DevOps at scale solutions. The Enov8 platform—ecosystem—acts as an information aggregator and a holistic orchestrator that promotes visibility, improves analysis, enables decision-making, and ensures all the information works together collaboratively and effectively. ecosystem is a rapid application development (RAD) platform, a highly configurable extensible engine in which new capabilities can be added rapidly through its administration interface.

One of the key features of the platform is the Dynamic Environment Modelling that allows clients to understand their environment and operations in real time by combining all the pieces of information. Environment Demand and Contention Management is another core competency of the platform that ensures that the needs of projects and DevOps teams are addressed on time. The platform has planning, coordination, and collaboration capabilities that include master scheduling, event calendaring, deployment plans and a DevOps Kanban capability that standardizes, tracks and measure day to day operations and finds opportunities for significant improvement. A visual orchestration portal further allows the clients to integrate their best-in-breed DevOps or agile tools into the platform.

To better demonstrate the capabilities of this platform, Crawford cites Enov8’s association with a global bank in the APAC region, which was struggling with its slow, manual, and inconsistent operations. Their IT environment was decentralized and was often unstable.

“Another challenge was the availability of environments and systems, in some areas they had too many (over proliferation) causing IT over spend, in others too little (under proliferation) causing cross team contention, disruption, and programme bottlenecks,” mentions Crawford. Enov8 has been working with the bank for over 18 months benefitting the bank in several ways. It streamlined the bank’s project deliveries by promoting standardization and optimization of operations. Collaboration across various teams increased the bank’s efficiency, resulting in better output. The bank witnessed a huge reduction in its operational cost and was able to save about $40M per annum with the help of Enov8’s platform.

Crawford believes that customers often do not understand the cause of their problems; they only understand the symptoms such as delivery delays. They lack agility, suffer from IT overspend, and commonly cannot see the forest for the trees. Enov8 identifies this and unlike most organizations, does not provide its clients a product and walk away. Enov8 maintains a “give and take” relationship with its customers and helps them in understanding the reality of things.

The company bridges the gap between agility and DevOps through its platform and by providing enterprise intelligence and DevOps at scale solutions

Enov8 educates its clients about using enterprise IT intelligence to improve their understanding of problems along with the ability to analyze, make decisions, and ultimately drive improvements.

Enov8 empowers its customers by providing an exhaustive online support portal where they can avail online training and find questions and answers. The company also maintains a forum where clients can provide feedback, ask questions, and suggest new ideas to enhance Enov8’s platform. Based on customers’ feedback, the company rapidly evolves adapting to their requirements.

In 2016, Enov8 witnessed a major breakthrough when it secured an association with one of the four biggest banks in Australia. This partnership not only proved to be a great opportunity for Enov8 to promote its platform but also multiplied the company’s clientele. Enov8 has also brought four Fortune Global 500 companies on board in the last 12 months. The firm also has some strategic partnerships with global tech giants such as IBM, Infosys, TCS, and Wipro, which prove significant for the company’s growth.

“At the moment, all the DevOps professionals are stuck in their sandpits playing with their own tools,” remarks Crawford. He believes it’s time for IT departments to collaborate and work together as a team using their best-of-breed tools and widgets. With its unique approach toward managing the customers’ IT landscape quickly, safely, and cost-effectively, Enov8 allows different IT, DevOps, and agile teams to work together.

“Enov8 platform acts as an umbrella that sits across a client’s IT Landscape and delivers enterprise intelligence and DevOps applications,” says Crawford. Enov8 does not offer a free or open source platform; it rather uses intelligence to help clients manage their IT environment and better understand their applications, data, infrastructure, and teams. “We marry agile and DevOps to help organizations be more agile through better DevOps disciplines,” explains Crawford.

Along with focusing on the Australian and New Zealand markets, Enov8 is also concentrating on the European region, which has helped it win some renowned clients. The company has partnered with an independent German testing organization— SQS—based in Europe and America. As a part of its new partnership model, Enov8 will set up an office in London in the next two months. One of the largest U.S. banks has also approached Enov8, giving it the opportunity to expand to New York shortly.


New York, NY

Niall Crawford, CTO

Provides enterprise intelligence and DevOps at scale solutions that support management of IT environments