Plutora: Facilitating High-Quality Enterprise Software Delivery

Dalibor Siroky, Co-Founder & CEO
Fast and efficient software release is the need of the hour. A majority of enterprises today are resorting to DevOps in their quest to create an ideal combination of speed and quality. These organizations are undergoing a phase of digital transformation largely resulting in re-platforming and re-architecting, and the way these two components work in tandem to drive a change in the functioning of organizations is along the lines of DevOps. Focusing on the cultural interaction and tooling side of DevOps, Plutora offers a suite of tools that accelerates the software delivery process effectively.

Plutora brings a platform targeted toward large companies whose customers provide high-quality software and are equipped with complex sets of technologies. Most of these companies strive to deliver new as well as updated versions of their software more frequently than the routine, half-yearly releases. Plutora, with one of its tools named Release, helps such organizations attain this level of speed and regularity while also upholding the quality of their product. The prime role of Release is to provide end-to-end visibility into the release process for the entire range of applications. It also monitors the interaction and interdependence between various release pipelines, ensuring collaboration across all streams of work. Although it is commonly termed as pipeline management or continuous delivery, Plutora perceives it as a release process from idea to operation, encompassing all the intermediate touch points.

Environments, Test, and Deploy are the other three components of Plutora’s platform. In order to deliver a release successfully, testing it through a series of environments is mandatory. Plutora Environments covers a vast array of environments and manages life cycles of pipelines meant to be delivered. By binding pipelines and environments, it helps organizations make optimum utilization of their expenditure. The testing part is governed by the Test tool, which integrates seamlessly with various test automation tools. It also provides exceptional insights into software quality and delivery pipelines. Furthermore, Deploy—a subsidiary of Release—facilitates business continuity planning, manages the implementation of transitions in the release process, and ensures disaster recovery.

Instead of merely being solution-centric, the cross-functional nature of the company enables it to drive business-related decisions within an organization

One of the company’s associations with a client from the financial services sector better illustrates the efficacy of Plutora’s platform. The client faced problems in handling their complex fund manager, digital portfolios of assets, and numerous legacy applications simultaneously. They were also accustomed to releasing their software on a quarterly or a monthly basis and aimed to deliver its upgraded versions more frequently but without compromising on the production quality. Implementation of Plutora’s solution within four weeks enabled them to release their complex core assets on a weekly cadence along with the digital assets on demand. By accommodating the compliance requirements in addition to more frequent software delivery, Plutora helped the client escalate the return on investment.

What sets Plutora apart is its preference for a top-down approach rather than bottom-up which is prevalent among the company’s competitors. “It allows us to provide our customers with a holistic view of the entire delivery spectrum, right from the requirements phase to the operational level,” adds Dalibor Siroky, co-founder and CEO, Plutora. Instead of merely being solution-centric, the cross-functional nature of the company enables it to drive business-related decisions within an organization. Above all, customer success and consistency of their growth is a parameter that is of paramount importance to Plutora. No wonder it is growing at a rate of more than 100 percent every year. The firm now looks forward to innovating capabilities for swift delivery of high-quality software, consistently adhering to the DevOps quality angle of balancing both the speed and the quality.


Santa Clara, CA

Dalibor Siroky, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a platform for faster software delivery by offering a comprehensive view of the release process