Reliable Software: AI-powered DevOps for Optimal Performance

Ravi Vallem, CEO
Reliable Software is a cutting-edge System Integrator company. The company’s Strategy and Advisory, Cloud, DevOps, Analytics, and Legacy Application Modernization services mentors client through their Digital Transformation Journey.

When organizations move their applications over to the cloud, it is advisable to adopt a ‘software DEVelopment’ and ‘IT OPerationS’ (DevOps) culture in order to successfully enable the communication and collaboration between software developers and information technology professionals in the organizations. DevOps helps automate the process of software delivery and changes in infrastructure that allows organizations to build, test and release software more rapidly and reliably.

Reliable Software’s RDOPS™ Platform Accelerator provides architecture built upon virtualized Information Technology (IT) assets, VMs, Containers, Serverless compute entities, Advanced Management, and Monitoring tools,” says Ravi Vallem, CEO of Reliable Software. “Most organizations are yet to fully embrace DevOps IT practice, which blends development, operations, and testing personnel into cross-functional teams aimed at improving the agility of IT service delivery,” he continues. Based on a 2017 Forrester research report, only 13 percent of organizations have implemented DevOps, with 50 percent conducting proof of concepts. 27 percent plan to achieve DevOps within the year, while nine percent are interested but have no plans to adopt DevOps in the next 12 months.

Reliable’s RDOPS™ Platform has a ‘Build Once, Deploy Anywhere and Accelerate Everything’ approach. Its infrastructure and DevOps toolchain is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is self-aware, self-managing and smart-monitoring. The solution saves over 40 percent of organizations’ current costs when compared to legacy operations.

Today, while most CIOs have shifted over to an agile development methodology, the agility aspect is usually relegated only to the development team, having barely any impact on the organization’s overall time to market.
Reliable’s RDOPS™ addresses this problem by accelerating the end-to-end development of the software product, its delivery, and the innovation.

Reliable has partnered with leading cloud, DevOps providers like AWS, Azure, Google, among others, to provide the best solutions for clients’ DevOps tools and requirements. RDOPS™ offers users a common interface to build out the infrastructure for DevOps tools along with application development, deployment, and operations to help with their digital transformation journeys. It enables clients to build out Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines in minutes without the need for scripting. RDOPS™ uses a ‘single pane of glass’ so that all the tools can be integrated automatically within cloud agnostic environment—enabling toolchains to be established within minutes, rather than weeks.

Since the RDOPS™ feedback loop is AI-powered; it can take decisions on its own to modify deployment strategy to provide optimal performance of applications and services to users. Not to mention the significant benefits that are in tow with having AI-powered DevOps automation.

A large car maker and telematics cloud service provider approached Reliable for its solution—to develop a Telematics Cloud Service Provider AP. The client was spending a lot on AWS, and it needed its customer-facing application to be migrated to the cloud. It also wanted to have continuous development and updating of its applications, APIs, and services. Reliable was able to run all the client’s services on AWS as well as Azure Multi-Cloud, with each service running on its own Docker Container. The result was a serverless architecture for services in a distributed puppet environment. The DevOps environment was set up on the public cloud, enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

For the future, Reliable intends to leverage its partner network of consultants, engineers and data scientists that are located around the globe. Reliable Software will further increase its expertise in application development for out-of-the-box connectors and custom data visualization tools like dynamic dashboards and pre-built templates and couple them with up and coming technologies such as the IoT, blockchain, edge-computing and API-led connectivity.

Reliable Software

Northville, MI

Ravi Vallem, CEO

Reliable Software is a cutting-edge System Integrator company, providing services and solutions in Digital Transformation which includes Strategy & Advisory, Cloud, DevOps, Analytics and Legacy Application Modernization. Reliable Software has been Crain's Fast 50 companies in the years 2016 and 2017 (Fastest growing companies in Michigan)

Reliable Software