Calculi: A Better Way To Create And Deliver Software

Eric Billingsley, CTO & Co-Founder DevOps stands tall as a game changer for enterprises that are on a constant quest to be agile and efficient in their software development life cycle (SDLC). The current DevOps landscape consists of a huge number of point solutions being deployed to address specific areas in the SDLC. This means that software development teams need to learn to use each and every tool, integrate, and maintain them, making the entire process complicated and time-consuming. Even if there is a solution for continuous integration (CI), it is only solving a small percent of the problem. If a company also has a continuous deployment (CD) solution, large gaps in capabilities in the overall delivery cycle remain, leaving teams to fend for themselves when it comes to things like security, compliance, change control, performance management, etc. “Despite significant investments, large enterprises continue to struggle with the complexity of modern software development and delivery,” says Basheer Janjua, CEO and co-founder of Calculi.

Realizing the need for a single solution to carry out end-to-end SDLC processes, a group of Silicon Valley veterans materialized their collective experience of working with Fortune 500 companies and laid the cornerstone for Calculi. The company delivers an end-to-end solution that assists developers from initial commit to production deployment. Developers quickly become self-sufficient in provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure to enable building, testing, packaging, configuring, and deploying their software in an enterprise ecosystem with unmatched agility. Calculi helps organizations achieve sophisticated software delivery performance without wasting money or missing opportunities by creating a unified DevOps platform to accelerate their digital transformation. “Calculi intends to revolutionize today’s Enterprise DevOps culture similar to how Salesforce transformed the CRM landscape two decades ago,” says Eric Billingsley, the company’s CTO and co-founder.

End-to-End DevOps Platform

Calculi’s flagship product Guide-Rails is a complete enterprise DevOps platform that offers a fully-integrated and fully-automated software factory with all the capabilities to leverage any cloud platform. “Guide-Rails is the first complete enterprise DevOps platform to achieve the highest levels of DevOps performance,” says Billingsley. Placed at the center of software development, delivery, and operations processes, Guide-Rails replaces the need for many commercial and open source tools, yet integrates seamlessly with many of the point solutions that clients are already using. This way, the platform saves time for teams that was otherwise wasted in digging through multiple systems to find key metrics or issues with the application or infrastructure. The company mainly targets three core areas to drive productivity and fuel DevOps performance in a client’s software development ecosystem.

Guide-Rails provides the mechanism to ensure well-crafted code zips from commit to production in minutes, freeing teams of repetitive, mundane, low-level tasks that get in the way of higher-level problem-solving

One, facilitating end-to-end automation, two, helping clients eliminate manual tasks and errors across the entire development cycle, and, three, building an integrated environment with full lifecycle control. “Guide-Rails provides the mechanism to ensure well-crafted code zips from commit to production in minutes, freeing teams of repetitive, mundane, low-level tasks that get in the way of higher-level problem solving,” explains Billingsley.

The platform collects all relevant data from every code and configuration change, test execution and release to production to provide customers with unparalleled visibility into their SDLC. This real-time reporting feature empowers executives with an accurate view into the quality of code produced and the activities performed within various groups, all the way down to the engineering level, helping them drive digital transformation. Guide-Rails empowers developers to provision testing and production environments on demand, greatly freeing them up to focus on writing code. Finally, Guide-Rails’ effective governance capabilities enable clients to define and enforce goals for a variety of quality metrics such as security scans, test coverage, reliability, activity metrics, and more to support them in realizing their business goals. “We focus on two main factors: empowering engineers to be self-sufficient and providing organizations the visibility and governance required to maintain the quality and security controls,” mentions Janjua. From the security standpoint, Guide-Rails is designed and built from the ground up with the security and privacy of data in mind. By leveraging full end-to-end encryption, the platform protects the client’s code, configuration, and data at all times. In addition, the platform maintains accurate audit trails for every activity occurring within the development ecosystem to aid highly regulated industries like healthcare and banking in maintaining compliance with changing regulations.

Calculi also solves the problem of providing access to the right information to various engineers who work on the same set of code by providing one seamless process that compiles all the data required without manual handoffs. Calculi’s well-crafted DevOps and software development methodology enables clients to gain full control of their software development processes and boost organizational productivity, both as an engineer and a manager. The intelligent dashboard of the platform provides real-time insights into the quality of code components, activities in the sprints, production deployment, and more, streamlining the communication between the client’s operations and engineering teams to enhance productivity and performance. Clients can quickly monitor the performance of their software factory, track the metrics that correlate to success, and create strategies to ensure faster and higher quality output.
“We empower software development teams to efficiently and autonomously create and release software at blazing speed while retaining all the controls needed to govern a large-scale software delivery organization,” remarks the CTO.

Going Beyond the Platform

Along with its turnkey platform, Calculi also offers a broad suite of consulting services for clients, which includes SDLC strategies, cloud migration, and custom product training to significantly boost their productivity. The consulting services go beyond training on the Guide-Rails platform to provide proven strategies, guidance, and best practices required to lead large scale technological transformations. Calculi’s application modernization services help clients to take full advantage of modern technologies, including cloud, containers, software-defined-everything, and advanced operational analytics. “We empower clients to modernize their applications for scalability and reliability and to drive innovation, improve customer experiences, and stay competitive,” notes Janjua. Similarly, Calculi offers cloud enablement services to help clients maintain their new sped up software pipeline with best practices in security, software architecture, and economics of cloud operations. “Calculi holds a deep understanding of the concepts pertaining to Agile and DevOps and can scale them up to the extent that no other company can think of,” adds Billingsley.

"Calculi intends to revolutionize today’s Enterprise DevOps culture similar to how Salesforce transformed the CRM landscape two decades ago"

Throughout its journey, Calculi has assisted numerous clients in transforming their software development processes. One such client, a global financial services firm, benefited from a 100 percent improvement in productivity of engineers after working with Calculi. The client’s team was able to spend more time writing code instead of managing the entire process. “That is what we have seen with all of our customers where the shift left methodology and automation of handoffs reduce the communication overhead and meetings of engineers, in turn, resulting in increased productivity,” says Billingsley. Moreover, Calculi has empowered numerous clients to make their move from the data center to the cloud with the help of the Guide- Rails platform. The platform acted as a force multiplier for quickly moving their applications into the cloud.

The company’s success is driven by experienced professionals, including Janjua, who is a nationally recognized IT thought leader and innovator. He is supported by a leadership team comprising executives who each have transformed numerous enterprises at scale across several decades. To drive Calculi ahead, Billingsley is building self-motivated teams that innovate and inspire those around them to succeed. Today, the team consists of highly skilled experts and professionals from the field of software development. “Calculi’s consulting services provide Guide- Rails customers with proven strategies and guidance in what it takes to lead large-scale organizational change in the enterprise,” says Janjua.

Calculi plans to introduce a Software-as-a-Service offering for small and medium-sized companies by the end of this year. The company also looks forward to deriving actionable insights from the data generated throughout the software development life cycle by using machine learning to create an AI co-pilot for engineers, further accelerating its clients’ DevOps transformation.


Santa Clara, CA

Eric Billingsley, CTO & Co-Founder and Basheer Janjua, CEO & Co-Founder

Calculi provides a complete enterprise DevOps platform that offers a fully-integrated and fully-automated software factory with all the capabilities to leverage the cloud to achieve the highest levels of DevOps performance