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Francis Miers
“One of the biggest challenges that organisations face today is in managing the billions of dollars they invest in software development.” This statement by Francis Miers, director of Automation Consultants, brings to attention the significant amount of monetary resources that companies have spent quite rapidly and erratically over the past decade in the name of technological advancement. The existing systems and legacy mechanisms that are supposed to track and manage those investments often fail to perform efficiently. On the bright side, Agile methodologies of the modern DevOps workflow can help streamline software development processes and, in turn, provide support for a business to understand how their investments are performing in the market. It is important to note that managing Agile at scale is still yet to fully mature across many organisations. Miers strongly believes that with continuous refining, one can create control systems and enterprise-wide software to drive the best possible ROIs for their entire value chain. “The whole philosophy of Agile revolves around completing tasks in small teams — iteratively and incrementally, which does not always fair well for an organisation’s planning and budgeting needs,” adds Miers. Thus, in order to assist enterprises in improving their business performance and ensuring profitable returns on their software development, Miers heads Automation Consultants to deliver best-in-class Agile and DevOps consultancy services throughout the industry, and at scale.

Automation Consultants, as its name suggests, focuses on supporting businesses by automating an application’s entire life cycle. In doing so, the company helps customers expedite IT project delivery at incredibly affordable rates. Miers currently maintains a team of talented IT professionals that are highly trained in software lifecycle management and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), among a slew of other areas of the IT realm.

And their level of skill in consultation is immense; they offer comprehensive insights in matters pertaining to training, support, hosting, cloud, big data, and machine learning (ML) alongside their existing DevOps expertise.
“ML is only getting bigger, clearly moving in a direction that will ultimately create waves of change in the way industries — and In order to constantly overhaul its own competencies and support customers through revolutionary digital transformation journeys, Automation Consultants has secured certified partnerships with Atlassian and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Platinum Solution and Select partner respectively. Automation Consultants are highly-specialised in Jira, Atlassian’s flagship product that enables streamlined Agile project and task management. Through Jira, Miers’ Atlassian specialists, well-versed in SAFe, build customised frameworks to help customers manage Agile at scale. “This combination of DevOps, Jira, and SAFe process expertise is powerful, enabling us to deliver robust IT services,” states Miers.

Before reaching out to us, the customer had implemented four or five of their own instances of Jira across the organisation, with every team configuring it however they saw fit

The director shares a case study of a large financial institution that employed several hundred different software development teams across international borders and spent billions of dollars toward the same. “Before reaching out to us, the customer had implemented four or five of their own instances of Jira across the organisation, with every team configuring it however they saw fit,” he recalls. Such infrastructure is bound to collapse. Automation Consultants, offering assistance at technical levels, focused on establishing one central instance of Jira as Miers and his team set up the platform for the customer. The IT professionals at the financial institution were further trained in SAFe techniques and Jira configuration mapping to help truly unify their teams and create efficient and smooth organisational workflows.

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Francis Miers

Automation Consultants is a leading consulting services provider in the field of automating the application lifecycle. It is a highly-certified partner of Atlassian and AWS