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Wolf Ruzicka, Chairman
“Digital transformation is more than just adopting digital technology. It is the transformation of an entire organization, including its business model, offerings, and the culture itself,” avers Wolf Ruzicka, Chairman of EastBanc Technologies, a member of Microsoft Azure Customer Advisory Board, and a maven with more than 20 years of experience in information technology, operational management, customer service, sales, and marketing. Notably, this unique interpretation by Ruzicka is entrenched in the vision for, EastBanc Technologies, as well.

Today, under the dynamic leadership of Ruzicka, EastBanc Tech delivers flexible and platform-agnostic digitalization solutions to clients across commercial, local, and federal government sectors. With just under 200 cream-of-the-crop scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, the company spearheads sustainable digital transformation for business organizations by leveraging a unique innovation-as-a-service model. This approach enables the company to anticipate the future demands of clients and facilitate easy adoption of personalized solutions, thus extending the lifetime value of their operational architectures at a reduced cost. “Our goal is to increase the workflow efficiencies and maximize value by seamlessly integrating future-ready software solutions within a client’s existing ecosystem,” says Ruzicka.

Especially when it comes to integrating modern cloud-based solutions within a legacy system dominated organization, EastBanc Tech’s DevOps team has unparalleled expertise for quick and cost-effective service delivery. The skilled team of engineers helps the clients identify and implement the optimal DevOps strategy and development toolkit to migrate to a flexible cloud-native architecture. Whether the clients choose AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or a combination of them, with some components/systems remaining on premise, EastBanc Tech’s team creates a roadmap for a fail-proof cloud-native architecture based on the unique organizational challenges and opportunities. The company also makes additional considerations like whether to leverage vendor-specific cloud services or their open-source cloud-native counterparts or to decide which infrastructure toolkit to use while hosting their applications. Above all, EastBanc Tech ensures that its clients receive enhanced reliability, disaster recovery, and cost-effectiveness from their new implementations.

Meeting the Unmet Market Needs

Having solved digital transformation challenges since 1999, EastBanc Technologies has proficiently identified many unrecognized market needs through its enterprise-focused software product engineering services while inventing industry-specific products for direct implementation. A case in point is Kublr, a Kubernetes Cluster Management platform incubated by EastBanc Technologies. Ensuring reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters across all infrastructures, Kublr enables clients with heterogeneous IT environments and strict security requirements to significantly simplify their cloud adoption.

EastBanc Technologies design, collaboration, version control, and handoff tool—Sympli—is created to eliminate the all-too-common friction between product designers and developers. The platform brings together all the design and development assets in one place, facilitating seamless collaboration right from ideation to through the product development stage.

Driven by such robust capabilities, the unique platforms enable EastBanc Tech’s clients to reduce friction at every intersection between different stakeholders, be it designers, architects, engineers, QA, or IT Operations.

With over 200 cream-of-the-crop scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, the company spearheads sustainable digital transformation for business organizations by leveraging a unique innovation-as-a-service model

The Staunch Anchor During Turbulence

The prevalence of robust digital transformation providers like EastBanc Tech is even more pronounced in the current landscape. “Digital Transformation has always been an important consideration for businesses. But its relevance has been accelerating over the last ten years, and very noticeably spiked over the last year,” mentions Ruzicka. Particularly in the U.S., organizations have been trying to overcome the adversities of the several crises that have rocked the nation. Whether it is due to the public health chaos during the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis it caused, the political strife or social unrest prior and during the elections, an increasing number of organizations are being forced to evolve and adapt in a short period of time. In this landscape, EastBanc Tech’s quick and effective service delivery is enabling organizations to reinvent their operational infrastructure and propel them to the forefront of business success. Backed by the company’s robust development capabilities, clients have been seamlessly refactoring and migrating their applications to cloud-native stacks, have added AI-tools, and nimbly abstracted legacy systems with new cloud-native applications via APIs. Thus, to say that EastBanc Technologies is empowering countless organizations to sail through the turbulent waters of the current times might be an understatement.

Illuminating the Road to a True Digital Future

Behind the scenes, EastBanc Tech’s solutions are ubiquitous. From public sector agencies, retail giants or global banking organizations to satellite networks and healthcare institutions, companies across the world are leveraging EastBanc Tech’s technology and services. In fact, just by walking down a street, you may likely see vehicles acting as software sensors feeding data into optimization algorithms built by EastBanc Tech, visiting a high-traffic website, searching for video on demand on cable, or watching television, one might have come across a product or a solution developed through EastBanc Tech’s team members. “If you watch TV, very likely, you've actually used our software or have benefited from our software without even knowing it. At the same time, when you look at say nasdaq.com, you're actually looking at our software behind the scenes,” Ruzicka explains.

Having moved forward at a rapid pace, EastBanc Tech is now prioritizing deliberate workflow and organic expansion over aggressive growth. The company has always based its values on intrinsic trust and never having delivery issues, which accounts for its spotless customer record. In the upcoming years, the company will focus on continuing to hire the best talent across the world to further enhance its digitalization capabilities. “We consider ourselves as innovators, so when we deliver innovation to our clients, we ensure that its benefits stand the test of time,” concludes Ruzicka.

EastBanc Technologies

Washington, DC

Wolf Ruzicka, Chairman and Philippe Lanier, CEO

EastBanc Technologies is a platform-agnostic, full-lifecycle software development company delivering flexible technology solutions to clients across the commercial, local, and federal government sectors. EastBanc Technologies breaks down complexities at every organization level, providing bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Through custom software, system and enterprise architecture as well as personalized software engineering services, the company transforms conventional, labor-driven businesses into bleeding-edge software-based enterprises to meet customer demands without the slightest friction

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