Nartech: Catalyzing the DevSecOps Revolution for Digitalized Applications

Urusa Salman, CEO
There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic will go down in history as a pivot point for science, technology, and innovation. With the pandemic creating a toppling effect on the metaphorical domino blocks across every sector, the stage for innovation is setting up in other domains as well. Let’s explain. In the early days, the COVID-19 outbreak had put many restrictions on how people work, meet, or carry out their daily chores. This led people to start resorting to the virtual realm for continuing their day-to-day lives, which eventually began pushing the envelope for widespread digitalization initiatives in different organizations.

That being said, even the path to rapid digitalization is not free from certain impediments. The primary roadblock that businesses face in their virtualization endeavors is holistically securing their applications. Many enterprises subsequently realize the importance of adopting the DevSecOps methodology in implementing security decisions and actions at the same scale and speed as development and operations decisions. But even after knowing the importance of a robust DevSecOps methodology, many organizations are failing to instill the same in their application development processes as they often work under severe time constraints, and they believe that the added pressure of testing the application security at every stage would only lengthen the project timeline. So how can businesses ensure the security of their digitalized applications while working under a strict deadline?

Enter NARTech. Drawing from its expertise in providing integrated DevSecOps services for mission-critical application development, NARTech offers an answer to the ongoing problem between development speed and security of digital applications. “At NARTech, DevSecOps is in the DNA of everything we do. Contrary to the fact that testing the application security at every stage would only lengthen the project timeline, NARTech believes that automating application testing and code inspection can help our clients make their application development ecosystem more agile and secure,” underscores Urusa Salman, CEO of NARTech. To this end, NARTech, the CMMI level 5 certified company, is helping clients quickly develop secured digital applications with its application generation DevSecOps toolchain—AppGen. It is a low-code application development environment enabling users to develop microservice-ready web and mobile applications and automate application tests, code quality inspection, and CI/CD pipeline right from the get-go. As a result, organizations can develop and roll out safe and secured cloud-based and on-premise software applications in a quick iterative manner.Notably, AppGen’s automated functionality set includes code quality scanning, regression testing, docker building, and cloud deployment. “AppGen comes with a web interface or corporate dashboard where clients can list down key application specifications, and the toolchain can then automatically create a specific source code and GitHub repository for the application, while simultaneously testing the codes for any errors,” notes Henry Staples, Technical Director at NARTech. Additionally, AppGen also provisions the application development infrastructure necessary using AWS’ EC2, ECS, load balancers, and Fargate computing engine. Once the application is developed, the user can deploy it on-premise or on the cloud using Jenkins, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud services.

NARTech, the CMMI Level 5 certified company, is currently helping federal clients accelerate the development of secured digital applications with its DevSecOps application generation DevSecOps toolchain—AppGen

What’s more? The AppGen toolchain comes with the design templates mandated by General Service Administration (GSA) and United States Digital Service (USDS) for federal clients particularly. It helps government agencies release their digital applications in a matter of hours. “Within two hours, we can have a Web site up and running load balanced across multiple servers in the cloud with automated CI/CD pipeline. And it is open to the public with a database back end the whole bit,” said Bill Mylander, Technical Director at NARTech.

But at the helm of bringing these leading-edge security-driven application development approaches to fruition is NARTech’s team of experts. The NARTech team includes certified scrum masters, project management professionals, enterprise architects, and technical staff—everyone has more than 10 years of experience in all aspects of the system development lifecycle and DevSecOps. “We can thus offer skilled consultancy services for the clients in addition to our toolchain solution,” states Tom Cuddy, Program Director at NARTech. Further, the company’s teams always stay current with the latest DevSecOps methodologies, tools, and best practices. In this regard, NARTech has also secured partnerships with AWS, Salesforce, and Microsoft Azure to holistically translate the current technology trends for its federal clients' IT Modernization projects to cloud and low-code application platforms.

Moving ahead, NARTech is focusing on continuous improvement and innovative solutions delivery to clients. As Urusa highlights, the world is now going rapidly digital, where many organizations prefer not to build their applications from scratch to save time and resources. NARTech is ideally suited to help such entities quickly ride on the digitalization wave by adapting the DevSecOps best practices. “The DevSecOps methodology is the logical evolution of traditional DevOps principles, and we are rightly positioned to drive this evolution forward at full throttle,” concludes the NARTech team.


Bethesda, MD

Urusa Salman, CEO

NARTech, the CMMI Level 5 certified company, is currently helping federal clients accelerate the development of secured digital applications with its DevSecOps application generation DevSecOps toolchain—AppGen