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Dave Laursen, VP of Operations
Despite the skyrocketing significance of digital transformation, McKinsey and several other research firms indicate that 70 percent of digitalization and IT projects fail even with the support of a DevOps team. Key reasons behind such failures include a lack of clear objectives, budgetary constraints, unreasonable business goals, and the implementation of a DevOps initiative that adopts agile principles but disrupts existing IT and development processes. As an antidote to this problem, businesses bring in seasoned veterans to mitigate these challenges by leveraging their industry knowledge and DevOps experience. However, hiring experts is expensive and time-consuming in the current industry due to ever-evolving tech stacks and the resulting complexities.

Colorado-based Briebug alleviates these issues by bringing in experts that ensure the smooth execution of a project using agile process management. “We know from experience that combining the appropriate technical expertise with Agile processes and strong leadership will ensure a successful project outcome, and we stand behind that claim with our Briebug Guarantee,” says Dave Laursen, VP of operations, Briebug.

The company bridges the gaps between development and operation teams with their highly trained DevOps engineers that build and manage core cloud infrastructure, allowing for accelerated time to market, decreased development and maintenance cost, as well as enhanced performance with highly scalable cloud-native applications. The firm integrates DevOps into its existing service model using expertise from cloud architect level practitioners within its highly competent team. These architects support various customers working across different technology stacks to solve complex enterprise DevOps and security challenges. For its clients, the outcome has been a one-stop shop where they can rely on high-performance, scalable, and maintainable solutions, be it software applications or cloud solutions.

Unlike its contemporaries in the consulting space that often act like staffing firms, Briebug approaches every customer engagement differently based on their unique organization-specific needs. The company has transformed its client success team into what they refer to as a ‘delivery management team.’ With this curated team, Briebug’s clientele gets more than a conventional customer service representative or an advocate; they get a high-level strategic leader who has been a project stakeholder with firsthand experience in handling enterprise DevOps challenges.
These experts, named delivery managers, are ultimately responsible for conducting periodic strategy meetings with clients, providing best-suited recommendations based on their issues, and ensuring that project objectives are accomplished with consistently improving return on investment.

Highlighting the impact of Briebug’s DevOps service is a client success story where the company assisted a large medical equipment manufacturer to successfully establish impactful DevOps. The client had a specific technical vision that was hindered by complicated HIPAA regulations. Thus, they desperately needed an AWS architect that could help define an ‘infrastructure as code’ solution with Kubernetes. Once Briebug was approached, its team developed a strategy and identified several long and short-term options for scaling the equipment manufacturer’s infrastructure. Today, the customer continues to collaborate with Briebug to further enhance the implementation by incorporating dedicated data warehousing and analytics. With support from Briebug, the medical equipment manufacturer was able to achieve their technical goals while having clarity of their project’s budget, progress, and achievements.

We know from experience that combining the appropriate technical expertise with Agile processes and strong leadership will ensure a successful project outcome, and we stand behind that claim with our Briebug Guarantee

Briebug’s drive comes from its core tenet of continual growth, which instills a mindset of constant improvement across its workforce. The company delivers best-in-breed solutions by focusing on clients’ needs and does not measure its success based on the number of clients or the work hours but on its performance in delivering successful projects. At the same time, Briebug places significant emphasis on building and retaining strong client relationships. These characteristics and core values help Briebug provide a high-quality service, helping them stay ahead of the competition and improve client operations with highly intuitive DevOps services.


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Dave Laursen, VP of Operations

Briebug provides US-based full-stack application development expertise to enterprise software engineering leaders and their teams that bring trusted guidance, hands-on implementation following best practices, and mature mentorship that levels-up development teams.