Top 20 DevOps Companies - 2018

The rapid evolution of technology has transformed the IT enterprise into developing, testing and deploying dependable software at a much faster pace. With the introduction of DevOps, services like installation, configuring, scaling and management of software are greatly simplified with continuous delivery and automation. This competitive advantage provided by DevOps ensures improved quality of performance, promising enhanced business growth and optimal customer satisfaction. Due to this, more number of enterprises are accepting and scaling DevOps principles into their business operations.

DevOps assembly line is the new black. Complete with visualization of applications and total source control with automated software development processes, which organization wouldn’t want to shift into DevOps assembly? Starting from continuous business planning to collaborative development, DevOps helps identify the skill and resources needed to draft a programming plan. Accuracy and efficiency involved in the process of software integration, development and testing is crucial for a continuous release and deployment of software.

The real world isn’t flawless. There are bound to be errors in the application or in the code. Continuous error corrections and customer feedback for optimization provides an accurate response about the product and its features. Looking ahead, DevOps can be integrated with micro-services to provide an efficient, server-less architecture for increases runtime delivery. Apart from the production cycle, security market too will mainstream DevOps into leveraging a seamless security technology, ensuring better authentication and encryption in the digital business with reduced risk and costs.

With one eye on efficiency and the other on future enhancements, a distinguished panel of CEOs, analysts and CIOs has produced a list of the top DevOps solution providers, ensuring powerful yet innovative solutions prominent in the field of development and operations.

We present to you, CIO Review’s “20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers – 2018.”

    Top 20 DevOps Solution Providers

  • 1

    Archinnova is a three-year-old startup that aims to DevOpsify the Middle East market

  • 2

    Provides automation tools to enable Agile and DevOps for SAP to support faster and safer change

  • 3

    Provides Agile and DevOps methodologies for IT modernization to government agencies

  • 4

    Helps manage unstructured data efficiently though its innovative file management solution, the StorageX platform

  • 5

    With its expertise in agile coaching, cloud adoption, and DevOps, DragonSpears supports organizations to build best possible software that can make a difference and disrupt industries

  • 6

    eCube Systems helps companies maximize return on technology investment by providing development tools, legacy evolution products and consulting services that extend enterprise systems

  • 7

    Provides DevOps, Cloud Computing, Windows Servers, Linux, and Voice Over IP (VOIP) to the global market

  • 8

    Provides enterprise intelligence and DevOps at scale solutions that support management of IT environments

  • 9

    Provides DevOps-powered software and mobile application development services to government and private sector organizations

  • 10

    Provides a suite of security products that help companies securely adopt, implement, and evolve cloud ecosystems, securely manage Linux assets and implement regulatory/compliance programs

  • 11

    Leverages DevOps best practices and culture as the platform and starting point for all client software development

  • 12

    Onyx Point focuses on the automation of highly compliant systems for different regulations using modern DevOps techniques and technologies

  • 13

    Provides a platform for faster software delivery by offering a comprehensive view of the release process

  • 14

    Provides products and team integration services to boost infrastructure agility in a software development environment

  • 15

    Reliable Software is a cutting-edge System Integrator company, providing services and solutions in Digital Transformation which includes Strategy & Advisory, Cloud, DevOps, Analytics and Legacy Application Modernization. Reliable Software has been Crain's Fast 50 companies in the years 2016 and 2017 (Fastest growing companies in Michigan)

  • 16

    DevOps Tech

    DevOps Tech

    DevOpsTech Solutions is expert in DevOps automation, Software build and release management, IT infrastructure services and cloud consultancy

  • 17



    Flux7 are DevOps experts helping businesses to create modern IT systems and workflows that bring their ideas to life

  • 18



    HATech bring Tooling, Development and Leadership to existing teams, transforming business practices and driving rapid delivery of product into customers’ hands

  • 19

    ImagineX Consulting

    ImagineX Consulting

    ImagineX Consulting is a technology consulting firm whose mission is to deliver value to clients through a unique blend of modern capabilities powered by progressive methods and old fashioned work ethic

  • 20



    PSL is a purpose-led software company with 30 years of experience and over 500 driven and passionate engineers