Top 10 Devops Service Companies - 2021

Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate the digital transformation endeavors of businesses across multiple industry sectors, the evolving DevOps solutions are set to support organizational leadership in implementing best practices and drive better ROI. In light of this, Grant View

Research predicts the DevOps market size to reach USF 12.85 billion by the year 2025. These statistics clearly highlight the surging adoption of cloud technologies, automation of cumbersome processes, and agile frameworks, all of which, are primed to undergo augmentation powered by state-of-the-art DevOps.

Looking ahead, DevOps is predicted to drive a cultural shift where conventionally disparate components such as development, deployment, and delivery of a software offering can be managed from a single pane of glass. Furthermore, DevOps is poised to replace traditional IT departments via

changing job roles and titles based on existing microservice architectures. Above all, the implementation of successful DevOps is dependent on teams’ ability to communicate their needs with each other. This combined with the replacement of manual approvals with an automated process will be the highlight of DevOps offerings in the upcoming years.

In order to help CIOs steer through the ever-evolving DevOps space and find the solution that best suits their needs, CIOReview has examined and selected the emerging and leading-edge DevOps solution and services providers, and shortlisted the organizations that are leading the charge inresolving the prime challenges in the DevOps arena.We present to you CIOReview’s  10 Most Promising DevOps Services Companies - 2021.

    DevOps Services Companies

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    EastBanc Technologies is a platform-agnostic, full-lifecycle software development company delivering flexible technology solutions to clients across the commercial, local, and federal government sectors. EastBanc Technologies breaks down complexities at every organization level, providing bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Through custom software, system and enterprise architecture as well as personalized software engineering services, the company transforms conventional, labor-driven businesses into bleeding-edge software-based enterprises to meet customer demands without the slightest friction

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    Epsilon Solutions has been working with organizations whose core IT infrastructure is in legacy systems and start-ups that are born in the cloud. /through its solutions, the company ensures cost optimization and scalability so that its clients don’t end up paying huge bills. Epsilon has been involved in the deployment of new applications, especially for schools and universities. Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been in high demand, and Epsilon has already deployed numerous variations of LMS for their clients. Epsilon has been delivering a host of technology solutions, ranging from chatbots to ensuring compliance throughout the pandemic

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    Ignite IT is a digital innovation company, whose mission is to help the federal government improve digital services for the American people. Ignite IT creates innovative digital experiences for clients by applying its unique and proven Value Factory approach, helping it to become one of the leading companies specializing in DevSecOps and 360-degree Digital Transformation. Ignite IT is a CMMI Level 3 – Services, ISO 9001:2015, 20000:2018, and 27001:2013 Certified Small Business

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    The company offers end-to-end Software Development, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering, Digital and Cloud Transformation solutions to its customers to address their business needs. From the first moment professionals at MEV interact with a new customer, they focus on one question: “Why?” Why is a customer asking for a particular product? Why might they need the solution they are asking for, and what alternatives do they have? The answers that MEV seeks goes further than how the customer wants their software to function. Additionally, MEV looks for the value that the customer desires for their whole business, taking into account all the different factors at work in the company throughout the development process itself and beyond

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    NARTech, the CMMI Level 5 certified company, is currently helping federal clients accelerate the development of secured digital applications with its DevSecOps application generation DevSecOps toolchain—AppGen

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    Ascolta provides a NIST SP 800-171 compliant environment to itscustomers so that they can easily acquire, perform, and deliver on DoD contracts

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    An AWS Consulting Partner specializing in availability, performance, scalability, data correctness, security, and cost-efficient use of hosting resources. Founded in 1999, BitPusher was created to provide web hosting services and IT consultation. Today, its team offers a depth of expertise from over 18 years of experience across hundreds of client engagements. BitPusher offer project work and ongoing management at a higher quality and at a lower more predictable cost than other consultants or in-house teams. The company believes in a process-oriented approach to DevOps and strive to reduce costs, improve quality, and allow for rapid growth and change. BitPusher is the experts in managed application hosting and have been at the forefront in developing innovative services, processes, and technology standards

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    DinoCloud was born in Argentina in 2015, founded by specialists and pioneers in software engineering and Cloud computing, with the mission of generating cutting-edge solutions for the industry. DinoCloud works with companies in search of a qualified team ready to plan, implement and administer a Cloud-based software. Above all, its clients understand the competitiveness of the software market today and they want to improve their solutions and processes to be at the forefront, find qualified solutions and commit to creating an ideal and competitive product. DinoCloud provides services related to Cloud engineering (migrations, optimizations, monitoring, architecture and infrastructure leadership) and DevOps processes. The company is in a unique position to help its clients as it have faced many projects with different challenges in different markets. DinoCloud builds “elite” solutions in technical matters with the speed, efficiency, and excellence. People from small and big companies trust DinoCloud with their solutions

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    Gruntwork originally started out as two traditional DevOps consulting companies, Atomic Squirrel, founded by Jim and Phoenix DevOps, founded by Josh. Jim and Josh met in 2015, realized that they kept re-implementing the same solution with every client, and began working together to create a better way to create best-practices infrastructure. In 2016, after working with a number of clients and building up a library of reusable scripts, templates, and best practices, they merged the two companies together into Gruntwork

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    Particle41 is named after Niobium, a metal whose ability to strengthen other metals is unmatched. Particle41's main drive is to strengthen its clients' team with a team of its own that is uniquely able to exceed expectations during every step of a project. In a marketplace flooded with partners who over-promise and under-deliver, Particle41 is doing things differently. The company was founded by industry veterans passionate about doing right by the clients, and everything it does as a company is guided by those core values